The Democrat Party lost the House in 2010, Senate in the 2014 mid-term elections and President Obama's effectiveness ratings have continued to decline. In 2016 they lost the Presidency to Republican Donald Trump. Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, failed to retain the White House with a similar coalition of young people, women and minority voters that swept Barack Obama into office in 2008. Yet the coalition did not show up in the force needed. The Democrat candidate won the popular vote in reliably blue states (California, Washington, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, etc) as a result of overwhelming majorities in major coastal metropolitan areas like LA, SF, Seattle, NYC, Boston, Washington DC). They failed miserably in the heartland and in other blue states in the rust belt (Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin) and lost a total of 30 states giving a landslide electoral college victory to the Republican candidate. The Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats at the national, state and local levels nationwide in the past 7 years. How will Democrats react and rebuild for 2018 & 2020?

Curious, the issues left out of the Dem debate last night

from The Gray Area:

Some things were obvious, as usual, about last night's Democrat Top 10 debate. Some were unusual. Obvious, and usual, you had Democrats (media) asking Democrat Presidential candidates questions. Happens every time a member of the news media interviews a Democrat politician, so this does not even deserve comment. It's just the way it is today. A little unusual is that ratings were high for the third Democrat debate last night, as reported by NBC News. The third Democratic presidential debate attracted an average of 14 million viewers on ABC and Univision Thursday night, according to data released by the broadcaster — a strong showing and an indication that public interest in the 2020 election is high. The debate was boosted by the inclusion of all three Democratic front-runners on the same stage for the first time in the election cycle. Doesn't it seem a little odd and unusual to have these Presidential candidates all taking about how horrible it is to live in the United States of America. They said this over and over again, while the protestors in Hong Kong carry US flags and sing the US national anthem. Conversely, Democrats burn US flags, and liberal NFL players kneel for the national anthem. When a thousand people a day risk their lives to get into the USA any way they can through the southern border. This certainly must be a terrible place to live. There is an absence of reality in the Democrat messaging that needs to be called out.

Also, worthy of comment is that the following issues were left out of the Democrat Top 10 debate last night.

Trump appointed Federal Judges - The Trump appointment of 175 federal judges is of concern to the Democrats when Republicans do it, but not so much when Democrat presidents do it. Look at the number of judges appointed by Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. That was not a problem. And Harry Reid was not vilified by the media for doing what Mitch McConnell now does for the Democrats. This is just hard to publicly defend. It is only a good data point to fire up the radical Democrat base to turnout in November of 2020.

Abortion - The Democrats painted themselves into that corner with the New York State vote on late term abortion and the Virginia Governor touting post birth infanticide. Certainly don't want to talk about that now do we.

The economy - Donald Trump has taken the economy issue away from them. All they can hope for is a recession or some other catastrophic economic condition. How is that for a major political party to be quietly (and not so quietly) hoping for economic failure!?!

Climate Change - On climate change, all the candidates just spent 7 hours on CNN pitching the issue. They didn't need to add more time here last night.

Issues are becoming harder and harder for the Democrats to credibly claim they can solve. They haven't solve any in the past. And Donald Trump is actually doing what he said in his 2016 campaign and fixing things. You may not like what he is fixing, but, he is fixing things he told you he would.

The Democrats do have Healthcare, thanks to the Republican Congressional failures of 2017, but, Donald Trump has threatened a solution on that next year. All they are left with is freebies, who can promise to give away more stuff. If the next election turns on substance, the Democrats have no chance. And, it appears from the way they orchestrated this debate, they know it.

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