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A simmering debate exploded after the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017. The left is demanding the removal of all Civil War related statues and monuments as images if racism. The cries have even begun to reach back to the founding fathers, the Jefferson Memorial for example, as Jefferson was a slave owner and fathered children with one of his slaves. The right is vehemently opposed to the destruction of history and culture. Prior to this, attacks on religious monuments had been the focus, with many religious monuments of war heroes being vandalized and or forced down over separation of church and state. Again, the right is vehemently opposed to this attack on American culture.

Save the Confederate Memorial at Arlington

by former Senator Jim Webb (D-Va)
from The Wall Street Journal,

A monument to national healing will be torn down by year’s end if we don’t act.

With surprising over-broadness, the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, passed in the midst of national racial and political upheaval, empowered a Naming Commission to “remove all names, symbols, displays, monuments and paraphernalia that honor or commemorate the Confederate States of America . . . or any person who served voluntarily with the Confederate States of America from all assets of the Department of Defense.” As part of that provision, Arlington National Cemetery has been ordered by Defense Department officials to remove the memorial by the end of this year...

If it is taken apart and removed, leaving behind a concrete slab, the burial marker of its creator, and a small circle of graves, it would send a different message, one of a deteriorating society willing to erase the generosity of its past, in favor of bitterness and misunderstanding conjured up by those who do not understand the history (WOKE) they seem bent on destroying.

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