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Hunter Biden Laptop Revelations Uncover Depth of Elite Institutional Corruption

from Daily Signal,

America’s most powerful, elite institutions now cooperate to misinform the public and suppress dissent. It’s hard to think otherwise during the arc of the Hunter Biden laptop story that turned out to be true. Last week, The New York Times reporters wrote that they authenticated email “obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. [Hunter] Biden in a Delaware repair shop.” This is in reference to a story the New York Post broke in 2020...

Don’t go celebrating The New York Times’ sudden commitment to truth and accuracy. The paper buried the lede and put the acknowledgment that the emails were real on the 24th paragraph of its story.

NPR explained that it just couldn’t cover the story because its “assertions don’t amount to much.” This is the same publicly funded media network that found time to air a segment about “decolonizing fitness,” and how exercising is white supremacy or something. As my colleague Katrina Trinko pointed out, the Hunter Biden story certainly demonstrates the sham of Big Tech’s war on “misinformation.” Is Big Tech conducting a genuine effort to stop misinformation, or is this really just a smoke screen to justify the suppression of information or ideas that interfere with the Democrat Party’s agenda?

To top this whole mess off, when the Post initially broke the Hunter laptop story, a group of former senior “intelligence experts” put their name to a statement saying that the Hunter Biden story has all the “classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” They had no actual evidence besides their claims to expertise. Trust the experts! Isn’t that what we are told all the time these days?

Well, they were wrong. It appears that it was actually politicized former senior intelligence operatives who were trying to influence our elections. Americans need to be aware of this. Has there been any accountability for all these people and institutions that got this wrong? Not at all.

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