Mass Shootings

A senseless act of violence, but who is to blame? The shooter?

from The Gray Area:

The shooting in Virginia Beach leaves us all at a loss to find a reason for such senseless violence. But, we know senseless violence happens. There were 43 people shot in Chicago just last weekend. Senseless violence. Is the shooter the cause or the weapon? Or, is it something else? As usual the political left blames the weapon, by attacking the NRA and guns. But, the 'common sense' question about this claim continues to go unanswered: Then we get angry tweets from left wing corporate executives attacking any and everyone: And, some blame Virginia Republicans, in January, Virginia GOP killed bill to ban sales of large-capacity magazines. Yet, the knee jerk gun control reaction is countered perfectly by another 'common sense' reaction from ... the [Virginia] Citizens Defense ... League President Philip Van Cleave, ... “Gun control does not save lives. It endangers innocent life by making it harder for good people to defend themselves,” Van Cleave said in an email. “The GOP leadership understands that basic truth.

Lets approach the solution to such violence with 'bigger ideas'.

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