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"Perverse' is correct

from The Gray Area:
The Washington Post ran an article yesterday titled American Jews might begin to think the unthinkable, about the need to flee the United States because of rising antisemitism. The author, Dana Milbank, is a noted left wing journalist as you can easily see in how political narratives run rampant throughout his article. What's worse is you can find a dozen other articles over the past week on this same subject, giving the appearance of a coordinated effort to get the message out that Jews should fear the MAGA right. Connecting so many left wing talking point check boxes in one article is quite amazing. The article not only includes many left wing political narrative attacks on the right, but also usurps right wing concerns by attempting to attach them to the left wing political narratives. For example, Where would they go and "In a perverse sense, Trump’s MAGA movement shares the fear of becoming a persecuted minority.. This tactic is both brilliant and deluded. "The 'perverse sense' he mentions though, is in those like himself who believe and attempt to get others to believe, the opposite of reality. Let's break down the Milbank article. First, the political narratives. Here are a few excerpts from the article:
  • Where would they go, was the next question in the article because “For American Jews, the disappearance of liberal democracy would be a disaster... We have flourished under the shelter of the principles behind the First Amendment, and we have been protected by the absolute belief in the rule of law. Without these, Jews, start packing suitcases.”

The fear of exile has become common as Jews see the unraveling of the rule of law. Without these protections, there is no safety in the United States for Jews — or, really, for any of us. In a perverse sense, Trump’s MAGA movement shares the fear of becoming a persecuted minority. The whole notion of the bogus “great replacement” conspiracy belief is that some nefarious elite is scheming to import immigrants of color to marginalize white people, ascendant Christian nationalists, and anti-Israel sentiments ... most Jews are white and benefit from associated privilege...Now we have Kanye West, white supremacists applauding him (and giving Nazi salutes), Elon Musk’s Twitter preparing to welcome white supremacists, and the Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee deploying antisemitism against his Jewish opponent. Donald Trump compared Jews unfavorably to “our wonderful Evangelicals” and warned Jews to “get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel — before it is too late.” Now, the MAGA crowd is attacking the very notion of minority rights. Ascendant Christian nationalists, with a sympathetic Supreme Court, are dismantling the separation between church and state. ...it will be almost a quarter-century before White people are no longer a majority in this country ...

Wow! An extended word salad of nonsensical political narratives intended simply to cast negative messages toward the Trump MAGA right.
  • The idea that 'it will be almost a quarter-century before white people are no longer a majority in this country' is simply a political narrative based on the identity politics thinking that clouds the minds of left wing Democrats and media. The positions taken by the MAGA right have nothing to do with a fear of becoming a minority. It has to do with the basic principles of this country for everyone and how those who think they are being protected by the left wing Marxist mob, will later be the target of the same mob.
  • ...definitions like Nazi, etc. (taking words out of context and then ascribing meaning to them that is the opposite of the intent of the user is a standard and repeated tactic of left wing politicians and the left wing media. Trump makes any statement and this is the automatic reaction. Rep Taylor Green says Biden is a Nazi and the media says she is being antisemitic. She is saying that Biden and his supporters are! Nazi symbols and salutes being attributed to the right. Most of those are false flag events. Pictures of left wing activists infiltrating rallies for the express purpose of promoting a false narrative to the media. As for Kanye, he has always been a weirdo making statements that make no sense, so why would anyone think he is going to change. When he was a supposed supporter of left wing dogma, his rantings were okay. When he makes right wing statements, the rantings are to be attacked. Consistent hypocrisy)
These arguments are the opposite of reality! These attacks on the right make no sense to Republicans/ Conservatives. The right is fighting hard to preserve the Constitutional protections for everyone. It's the left that is taking them away everyday. From freedom of speech, to freedom of religion, to protections against unreasonable search and seizure, to canceling people based on their political beliefs, to burning and taking over cities, to threatening and organizing violent 'resistance', to politicians who support same and make specific threats, and on, and on. These are the fears of the right. "Where will we go' was a statement at the Republican National Convention in 2020 presented by Hispanic, European and other Minority Americans if the left was to win the election and implement their disastrous policies. There is not place in the world to go for freedom any more. To say you are running from those who want to retain your freedom is a false narrative and the opposite of reality. But, that is where the power of the political narrative comes in. The American media that serves the Democrat party has made the public believe our democracy is at stake from the right. For the right, they throw made up narrative descriptions like violent, white supremacists, christian nationalist, Nazis, white privilege, and evangelical Christians, to identify the threat. When in reality, the threat is from the people who are labeling the right as dangerous. Oh, but what about the 'insurrection', you say? That is the perfect narrative for these deluded leftists. January 6th was a terrible day for the country, but nothing like what the media and the left have turned it into.
  • Armed insurrectionist - Not armed.
  • More people killed than any other time - Not true, 1 person, a rioter died.
  • Worse than September 11th - just lunacy, narratives gone wild.
The best example of trying to insert reality into this conversation was Sen. Ted Cruz' appearance on The View October 25th. When confronted by Whoopi Goldberg with 'right wing violence' like the insurrection, Cruz looked a Whoopi and said how can you say violence is only from the right and ignore the Antifa, BLM violence of the left and the summer of love. She said 'I don't know of any Antifa violence'. Incredible! But, a clear example of how political narratives have clouded reality for people. And, finally, the American left is the anti-Israeli party in this country. Listen to the radical Democrat squad members in Congress talk about Palestinian oppression by the Israelis. Yet, the same anti-Israel mob wants everyone else to believe that the pro-Israel Americans on the right are somehow responsible for antisemitism in this country. That defies belief, but it is another political narrative being sold to the public. This American left is the group that has no respect for the institutions of this country. They have no respect for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, the Founders, for the family, for marriage, for faith, for the rule of law, they want to pack the Supreme Court to their political advantage, for any government or government representative who does not agree with them, prefer to censor private citizens who disagree, and violently assault people in the street on a daily basis. Yet these people what you to believe they are on your side. Incredible. These same people made 42% of the country believe in Russian collusion with the 2016 election when it never happened, and the leadership of the media and the Democrat party knew it was false! The author quotes his rabbi as saying, "If there is a Jewish message for our time, it is to support our great experiment with every fiber of our being.” The right agrees. And, the right agrees that 'If it isn’t safe here, it won’t be safe anywhere.' So where is the problem if both sides agree on these basics? Unfortunately, without an agreement based on reality, the trajectory with each side digging in and blaming the other for the same sins is clear, and not good. Antisemitism is real, but far from the exclusive threat from the right. This is the four year anniversary of the Pennsylvania synagogue attack. There have been others like the attack in Colleyville, Texas that had nothing to do with the right, but radical Islamic revolutionaries. The 'perverse sense' Mr. Milbank mentions is not on the right, but is in those like him, who believe and attempt to get others to believe the opposite of reality. More From The Washington Post (subscription required):

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