Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor was killed in her Louisville apartment after Police broke in. They were there with a warrant obtained from a judge. Ms. Taylor's boyfriend was in the apartment and fired on the 'supposed' intruders, police returned fire and Ms. Taylor was sadly killed in the crossfire. Ky Grand Jury determined the officers knocked on the door, announced themselves and fired only when fired upon. Ms. Taylor's boyfriend was banned from possessing a firearm due to previous criminal issues.

Justice Over Narrative

from The Wall Street Journal,

At a time when Americans have watched too many public officials abdicate their responsibilities to uphold the law, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Wednesday proved to be an encouraging exception.

Mr. Cameron said he knows many won’t be happy with this decision, not least the protesters in Louisville who clashed with cops after they heard the news. But he insisted that the system operate on facts, evidence and the law, not “emotion or outrage.” He also confirmed another fact that had been misreported: The police did knock and announce themselves, and they had a civilian witness to corroborate it.

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