Trump Lifts Sanctions Against Turkey, Voicing Confidence in Cease-Fire

from The Wall Street Journal,

U.S.-brokered cease-fire replaced by Russia-Turkey pact amid bipartisan criticism; some U.S. troops to remain to protect Syrian oil fields.

President Trump said he is lifting U.S. sanctions against Turkey after being assured that the country is permanently halting an offensive in northern Syria as part of a deal brokered with Russia. “Over the last five days, you have seen that a cease-fire that we established along Syria’s border has held and has held very well,” Mr. Trump said at the White House Wednesday. While Mr. Trump portrayed the outcome as an opportunity to withdraw U.S. troops and improve stability in northeastern Syria, critics among both Democrats and Republicans have said it amounts to the abandonment of Kurdish fighters who have been longtime U.S. allies and cedes influence over the area to Russia, which is sending troops into the region.

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