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Ignore WaPo and all other Trump Fact Checkers

from The Gray Area:
According to The Washington Post, the total number of Trump lies has now crossed 10,000. 10,000! Are you kidding me? Does anyone really believe such outlandish claims? This is absurd. But, it is all the left - has left. They have embarrassed themselves and the country with the two year fake Russia investigation. They are now trying to use language to twist reality to create an obstruction of justice claim and / or impeachment, further embarrassing themselves and the country. They have nothing left, but to ramp up the attacks on Trump's truthfulness, or lack thereof, since they refuse to honestly debate issues. A consistent media technique is to add the word ' misleading'. They add the word 'misleading' to their fact checking for two reasons: One, to highlight those comments or facts that the media and the Democrats do not agree with or want to be in the public debate. And, two, so they can inflate the numbers in order to send the message to the public they are all Trump lies. However, in fact, they are not lies. Remember when they called Trump a liar for saying his campaign was bugged? One of the first lies they said. Since proven 'true', but still on the list. And the list of false 'lying accusations' continues now to over 10,000! To show you how fake these claims of Trump lies are, once again, lets just use the Washington Post's own article. Here are the first four of their most recent claims:
  • He exaggerated the size of trade deficits with Japan, China and the European Union and falsely claimed the United States loses money from such deficits. -using their own linked article: The U.S. trade deficit in 2017 was $566 billion, according to the Commerce Department. Trump gets his $800 billion number by looking only at the deficit for trade in goods ($810 billion) even though U.S. trade in services runs a substantial surplus of $244 billion. So, his claim of $800B is true. Since WaPo doesn't like that number, they add in another sector to say he is lying, when it would be just as easy to use this flawed logic to say WaPo is lying by adding in another sector to hide the $810B number. This is not a lie by Trump.
  • He continued his practice of inflating the jobs created under his administration by starting the count from the election, not his inauguration. -Another laugher. So using the measurable explosion of the economy, including jobs, and investments, and money returning home to this country from overseas is no appropriate, is misleading and lying? That is ridiculous.
  • He launched a series of exaggerated or false attacks on Democrats, including claiming the Green New Deal will require every building in Manhattan be replaced (no) and saying Democrats support the killing of healthy babies that have been born (no). -These are both 'true' statements. Manhattan building changes, echoed by the mayor of NYC in his green new deal. Infanticide not true? Listen to the Democrat Governor of Virginia's radio interview on the subject.
Or, the NY legislature stand up and cheer the passage of same. And, so on..... The only way rational Americans can function under this avalanche of fake, and false, news coverage is to ignore it. When you see a fact check of Donald trump or a claim of 10,000 lies, do one of three things: 1. ignore it, and or laugh .... 2. ask how many lies about the Russia investigation that CNN, MSNBC, et al, told over the last 2 years (and continue to tell). Which is larger, media lies or Trump? 3. if that doesn't work, return to number 1. More From The Washington Post:

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