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Misguided fury

from The Gray Area:
The Wall Street Journal reported today that the U.S. has collected “high confidence” intelligence showing that the explosion at a Gaza hospital compound was caused by the militant group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, U.S. officials said, buttressing Israel’s contention that it wasn’t responsible for the blast. This news comes days after the hospital bombing for which Hamas blamed Israel and news outlets all over the world published this nonsense. If the news media lived in the real world, they would believe terrorists in Palestine, Iran and others who say 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel'. They would know what these pro-Palestinian demonstrators' sign says is true: But no. Since the outbreak of the war, MRC has been analyzing media coverage sympathetic to a group whose stated objective is to wipe Israel off the face of the planet, rarely calling out the atrocities committed by Hamas as “terrorist” acts, but rather the work of “militants, at best morally ambivalent reporting on Hamas. Two of their most widely covered stories include Nine Times Media Sympathized with Hamas Terrorists, and Worst of the Media’s Decades-Long, Antisemitic Hamas PR Campaign. Today on the NewsBusters website, Curtis Houck recapped the “drive-by” media’s quick pivot to breathlessly report on the bombing of a Gaza hospital, parroting Hamas talking points, claiming that Israel was responsible. Evidence now shows it was a misfired Islamic Jihad or Hamas rocket. Watch MRC President Brent Bozell’s exclusive interview with an emotionally charged Mark Levin, where they discuss Hamas and the media. The information war is critical to Israel's enemies.
  • Jordan King Abdullah has blamed Israel for a blast at a Gaza hospital and promptly cancels a summit with President Biden.
  • The rage around the world with protests at American embassies, college campuses in the US and elsewhere.
  • Can anyone watch this atrocity in Isreal and not realize that anti-semitism and racial genocide is alive in the radical Islam the Democrat Party and American media?
  • You have to ask yourself, why do so many people support terrorists and hate America and Israel? Because the people, in this case Palestine are so oppressed! Who is oppressing them? Is it the terrorists that hide in their homes, schools and mosques? Is it the terrorists that won't let civilians leave the war zone that oppress them? Is it the terrorists that teach their children to hate that oppress them? Or, is it Israel who has negotiated over and over again for a lasting peace agreement, and sustained terror attacks killing thousands of Israelis over that same period that is oppressing them? The answer is obvious.
The fury is misguided. The fire is purposely fanned by the media and other bad actors.  This can no longer be accepted. More From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  

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