Russia Special Counsel
On May 17, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced that he has named a special counsel to investigate Russian attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. He appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller III,who will now have unlimited resources and time to conduct a thorough review of the myriad of allegations.


from The Gray Area:

It is clear and obvious to the point that it does not require stating that the news media is after Donald Trump. But, if you have been on the moon for the past 2 1/2 years, and you missed this media show, there is always something from the media on a daily basis to remind you. Today its in The Washington Post.

First, the title:

Yes, WaPo, we know you are interested in 'damaging Trump'. Thanks for the confirmation.

Second, Mr Sargent doesn't have his facts right about the letter from AG William Barr. The fact is Mueller asked for the letter as clarification. You can argue either that he wanted to get a restriction on the questions he can answer during his committee testimony, so he won't have to answer embarrassing questions from the Republican committee members. Or, you could argue that he wanted to learn how he can provide more information that the Democrats want without perjuring himself or changing his report. In his zeal to 'damage Trump', Mr Sargent blows right past accurate information and thoughtful perspective on the subject.

Third, you get into the parallel universe that the media and deranged Democrats occupy when it comes to Donald Trump and this Trump collusion/obstruction hoax.

Here is the next paragraph on collusion:

Mueller would state clearly that Trump and his advisers eagerly expected to gain from a massive foreign attack on our political system designed to elect Trump. That Trump World repeatedly sought to coordinate with those efforts, in the full knowledge of who was behind them. That Trump secretly pursued a lucrative real estate deal with Kremlin involvement while voters picked the GOP nominee. That Trump and his advisers repeatedly lied to cover all of this up.

WOW! Talk about wishful thinking. About arranging scenarios to fit your desired result. About making stuff up! About derangement to the point you have to ask, did you read the Mueller report? There was no collusion, period! But this reporter cannot give up on the idea. Frightening. Depressing. Seriously concerning that we have a mainstream media paper, not a fringe rag, but the mainstream Washington Post, liberal of course, but still mainstream and trying to continue to be respected, offering absolutely nothing of a factual nature in their reporting ... only made up scenarios. Interesting the total lack of concern over actual collusion, the Hillary campaign and the Russians!

Here is the following paragraph on obstruction:

Mueller would also state clearly that Trump ordered his White House counsel to fire Mueller, then pushed him to actively cover that up. That Trump tried to get his former campaign chair to not cooperate with the investigation. That Trump ordered a top campaign official to tell his then-attorney general to severely restrict the probe. That Trump demanded Comey’s loyalty and urged him to go easy on his national security adviser, before firing Comey after that loyalty wasn’t forthcoming.

Okay all of this is fantasy. Firing Comey was not illegal. Firing Mueller would not have been illegal. But Trump didn't do that. Even though he kew it was a witch hunt and a waste of time and money (as it proved to be).

There are 10 items listed in the report that Mueller says are areas of consideration for obstruction. The only one of the ten that is actually of legal concern is the so called one about 'Trump telling Don McGahn to lie'. This, along with the other nine, has been determined by The Justice Department as not enough to bring a case of obstruction. Which, of course, the left and the media claim is just Barr protecting Trump. I guess they believe that because they expect it of their leadership, as when AG Holder protected Obama and AG Lynch & FBI Director Comey protected Hillary.

But, in any case, all this article does in confirm that 'damaging Trump', getting information for his impeachment, whether valid or not, is all that matters.

And, it is as clear and obvious as it can be. You can see why Trump says they are the enemy of the people.


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