Censoring Opinion!?!?

from CFACT,

Morano responds to Rolling Stone attack.

When the UN released a report claiming we are in for mass species extinction, CFACT's Marc Morano checked the facts, posted them at Climate Depot and spoke about what he learned on Fox News.

Rolling Stone Magazine does not want you to hear what Marc Morano learned. They called him a "quack," and demanded he be censored and silenced.

Marc responds: I had just authored a special report with dissenting scientists of the UN report. As I said on Fox News, “The UN has juiced up the issue and put themselves in charge of solving. That’s called a self-interested lobbying organization.” Morano reports:

from The Gray Area,

The Obama Administration was working on criminalizing climate opinion. If Hillary Clinton has won the Presidency in 2016, you can bet we would have already seen this kind of government control of thought.

When itis being considered or suggested that opinion be censored, or criminalized, in the USA, you know you are at a critical point in our history!

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