Phase 3 - COVID - Nov, 20; Dec 20; March, 2021
The latest COVID stimulus package continues to be debated by the US Congress & President Trump. Getting a package agreed upon and signed before the election did not happen. Then Congress tried before the inauguration, still no go. Now they have a $1.9T bill passed by the Senate, likely to be passed by the House the week of March 8, 2021.

'Boy, is this ever worth reading'

from The Gray Area:

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Fred Smith, Founder, CEO & Chairman of FedEx ahead of his impending retirement after 50 years at age 75.

In the interview, Mr. Smith talks about his company, COVID 19, his company's involvement during the pandemic, and our government's reaction to it, stating that; Congress’s last Covid relief stimulus “created an enormous amount of withdrawal of labor from the market,” and that had a direct impact...“if I’m getting a government check,” he says, there’s less incentive to “go into a warehouse.” . “We were 40,000 package-handlers short, and there were people in the media saying that the stimulus checks didn’t have anything to do with that.” Such people are “divorced from the world we’re living in.

He also talks about Build Back Better & Weimar Germany, about printing money and the insanity of Modern Monetary Theory, about government directed vs free market economies, government regulations, free trade, Chinese mercantilism and a new Marshal plan.

He talks about families and fathers, DEI & opportunity, and America being a force for good in the world.


from The Wall Street Journal,

He reflects on logistics, economics and lessons from building ‘the largest transportation system ever put on the planet.’

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