Phase 3 - COVID - Nov, 20; Dec 20; March, 2021
The latest COVID stimulus package continues to be debated by the US Congress & President Trump. Getting a package agreed upon and signed before the election did not happen. Then Congress tried before the inauguration, still no go. Now they have a $1.9T bill passed by the Senate, likely to be passed by the House the week of March 8, 2021.

The Return of Stagflation

from Maudlin Economics,

I am looking at events and saying if “this” happens we need to be prepared for it. I’m increasingly concerned we are in an economic situation with almost no wiggle room. We had serious issues before the pandemic which haven’t gone away. Massive fiscal and monetary stimulus obscured this reality, but can’t do so forever. The late 2020 and early 2021 recovery was exactly that: a recovery from an exogenous event. It wasn’t new, organic growth—or at least not most of it. Moreover, the “exogenous” event is proving less than exogenous.

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