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Enough Said!

from The Gray Area:
Doesn't it make you wonder why a $25,000 consulting gig for the former president of the country of Georgia by the press secretary for Gov DeSantis of Florida is so concerning to The Washington Post?  They wrote a significant article on the subject yesterday casting suspicion on her, and by extension, Gov DeSantis. You especially wonder when they could care less about the international dealings of Hunter & James Biden with countries like Russia, China & Ukraine totaling in the $ millions. They might do the occasional story to appear like a journalistic outfit and cover their 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' slogan, all the while continuing to provide shade for the Biden family. No attack pieces like those they perform on DeSantis, Trump, Gov Abbott of Texas, Republican Congresspeople and Senators and even FoxNews personalities who happen to speak up. Curious in the least, right? Gov. DeSantis had the perfect response to the WaPo article saying, this was "a smear piece and he was not deterred by the attempt ... we need to understand that these legacy D.C. and New York outlets ... we know you peddle narratives ... we know you lie. .. we know you don’t care about the facts ... and, so you can try to smear me or anyone in my administration all you want to ... whenever they’re smearing somebody, you know that person is over the target and they’re scared of them ... we don’t care what you think anymore." After reading both, the answer to our questions above are pretty clear. Negative press associated with Gov DeSantis is a media narrative to be served. Negative press around President Biden and his family, is not. Enough said. More From The Gray Area:

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