When does the bank of the United States run out of money?

from The Gray Area:

Marc A. Thiessen wrote last week in The Washington Post, "If you knew that most of the military aid that Congress approves for Ukraine was being spent right here in the United States, quite possibly in your own congressional district — strengthening our defense production capacity and creating good manufacturing jobs for American workers — would you want your representatives in Washington to support it?"

As this map shows, US congressional districts have been getting Ukraine aid money, including examples of the weapons systems being produced. Military aid not only protects Ukrainian civilians and advances U.S. national security — it is also good for workers and manufacturing communities right here at home. Providing military assistance to Ukraine is the right thing to do.

But our military aid to Ukraine is also revitalizing our defense industrial base, creating hot production lines for the weapons we need to deter potential adversaries and creating manufacturing jobs in the United States. That’s because 90 percent of the $68 billion in military and related assistance Congress has thus far approved is not going to Ukraine, but is being spent in the United States, according to an analysis by Mark Cancian of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

That is a benefit to American families and the country for sure. But, outside of the munitions development and delivery, where has the rest of the $176B gone? We have no way of accounting for billions of dollars sent to a country with a history of corruption. That sounds stupid to me. When do we stop sending money to Ukraine? When they beat Russia? That is not going to happen. When does the bank of the United States run out? When we are bankrupt? Is that the strategy of some people in our government and other globalists around the world?

One argument from the right is that we should spend money to fix our border before we spend money on someone else's border. A very good argument with one exception. If you neighbors house is burning, you would probably spend money on water to help put it out before fixing your porch.

But, that said, our deliberations on this funding is woefully shallow and short sighted.

we have to do better for Ukraine and for the people of this country.

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