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Critical Theory & American Evangelicalism's Problem

from Right & Free,

Critical theory is a Marxist idea developed in postmodernity in which absolutes, objectivity and absolute truth are no longer accepted. Critical theory purports to explain the world in terms of power, and its proponents believe those with the least power have the most moral authority to speak. Power is, therefore, mapped through intersectionality — race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. The white male heterosexual Christian has the most power and therefore has the least moral authority to speak in society. Critical theorists also believe reality is constructed by language. Change the language and reality changes. Power is exerted through language — including the power to shape reality through "dominant discourses." The way to reshape reality is to reshape language. So, critical theorists oppose free speech, free enterprise, academic freedom, etc.

Critical theory— a postmodern Marxist theory that believes there are oppressors and oppressed and that reality is constructed through language, not objective reality — has invaded the church. It is trying to speak into and explain the world and theology to people who worship absolute, objective truth.

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