Supreme Court Moves To White House So They Can Strike Down Unconstitutional Mandates In Real-Time

from Babylon Bee,

In a win for government efficiency, the Supreme Court has opted to move into the Oval Office with Biden so they can strike down all his unconstitutional mandates in real-time. "Listen, our caseload is insane as it is," said an exhausted Chief Justice Roberts. "Biden is clogging up the system with all these ridiculous royal decrees of his, so we're just gonna stand here behind him and strike them down as he writes 'em, assembly-line style!" Later that morning, Biden sat down to sign his daily batch of executive orders. He was getting ready to sign a new order requiring cat moms to be given 12 weeks of maternity leave every time they buy a cat when Clarance Thomas reached in and smacked the pen out of Biden's hand. "NO! No Biden! BAD Biden!" said Justice Thomas sternly. "That's unconstitutional! Nice try!"

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