Alinsky 'Rules' in play here

from The Gray Area:
Going after the Republicans 'strong on crime' and 'rule of law' positions smacks of Saul Alinsky's Rule #5, 'make the enemy live up to its own book of rules'. Saying that this is hypocritical for the Republican Governor of Texas and others in Congress to take a stand against lawlessness at the border is ridiculous and shows that this statement is just a political narrative.  What Texas is doing has everything to do with law & order, the 'rule of law' and 'tough on crime'. The Supreme Court did not say don't protect your border. It said do not inhibit federal border patrol agents from cutting the fence to get through to do their job. Texas did not inhibit border patrol agents from doing their jobs.  What they have done is continued to build more border barriers and the result, these barriers are working. They are continuing to inhibit illegal immigrants. Border Patrol agents are given access to migrants, but they are not allowed to inhibit Texas activities to protect the border. There is clearly an continuing legal and Constitutional dispute on protecting the Texas border.  Federal law is being ignored by Joe Biden. Biden is doing nothing.  As a matter of fact, Biden is breaking the law by not stopping migrants and detaining them.  Remember when Trump tried to change the way families were detained at the border, the courts said no, Flores consent decree, if you detain a migrant family you must separate children.  The Democrats used that to further their political narrative that Trump was 'keeping children in cages'. Not true. It was never his policy, it was the law. Cages were built by Obama/Biden for that purpose.  Even showing pictures of a crying child by a police car, a false political narrative. Trump adhered to the court order and moved to improve conditions for this at the border.  Today, the Biden administration is completely ignoring that part of the law and getting away with it in their "catch & release" scheme, started during the Obama Administration. If you let everyone in, their is no detention, theoretically. This policy has been a failure and is now a national security crisis. Texas has to do something.  When the issue is finally resolved in the Courts, Texas will, I'm sure, follow the law. This narrative is also being used to cover up the Defund the police and soft-on-crime policies do not work">weak on crime policies of the Democrat left and Soros' radical prosecutors. More From The Washington Post:

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