War on Men
Is there a "War on Men" to go along with the left's assertion that there is a "war on women"? If you look at the gender learning gap, the fact that boys are falling behind in education, the gender mess in Massachusetts, toxic masculinity, the attacks on the boy scouts, manhood, football and suicide, you would have to agree that something is going on, whether orchestrated or by accident. Follow the debate below.

Fathers, what America needs most…

from The Gray Area:
On this 'Day', let's talk about what America needs most, Fathers. Quite frankly, Father's Day does not help any of the prevailing political narratives. Good fathers mean good men. That can't happen, the patriarchy is bad. You mean not all masculine men are 'toxic'? Thus, political narratives are getting included into Father's Day; 'menstruating men', 'men birthing babies' including LGBTQ+ and transgender configurations. All this gives the media a way of appearing to support father's as somehow important in our culture, but only if we accept that we have to fundamentally change men to make that aspect of the culture politically useful. Even Joe Biden's Father's Day proclamation speaks to how important Fathers are: Fathers are critical to raising the next generation and to teaching their daughters and sons about the values that matter most. They demonstrate responsible fatherhood and foster healthy perspectives on masculinity. Along the way, dads help their children navigate life’s most difficult challenges, nurture their confidence and character, and give them the tools to develop a moral compass. These words are good, but even here you can clearly see where political narratives have been stealthily inserted; healthy perspectives on masculinity, daughters & sons, not, sons and daughters, the values that matter most. The reality of the surrounding political narratives makes transparent the requirement to change the definition of men and fathers and the lack of commitment to the urgent problem of strong families and the need for men in them. Here is another example of prioritizing new cultural norms; ignoring dads is a mistake: for them, for the women they co-parent with, and for the more than 3.5 million American children who live with single fathers or with two dads. While ignoring dads is a mistake, only in non traditional configuration. No traditional configuration is mentioned. Was marriage mentioned? What are the virtues of a father; warrior, builder, priest, king..., oops, remember, this is 'toxic masculinity'. Certainly father's represent more than these four traits. Men with love, faith, support, compassionate, responsibility & discipline being a few more. But, those more traditional, 'toxic' virtues are certainly missing, and still needed. We don't need weak, passive, or less responsible men. We need the opposite to defend the country, to stand up to a bully, a predator or a political tyrant. That requires a strong man. With the last of the 'greatest generation' fading into history, where will these strong men come from? Maybe that is why it is political correct to criticize strong men as 'toxic'? This is a longstanding problem. in short, starting back in the 60s, marriage came under attack by the culture warriors. No surprise, by the 70s marriage numbers began to diminish and divorce rates skyrocketed. This trend continued, and 50 years later, here we are. Very few men are perfect men or perfect fathers and all families don't have to be the same. But, we must have families as our foundation. Every study, every analysis of the major issues in this country have as one of their primary causes the absence of men. Men in general, but fathers in particular, in strong families, as a societal foundation. We have created and allowed serious cracks to expand in our societal foundation. Great, good and average fathers have been, and continue to be, critical to the family, to their (and other's) children and to the fabric of America. In this third decade of the 21st-century it is all too clear that fathers, in strong families, are desperately needed. It is past time. Father’s Day is a good time to recognize and to highlight that fact. On this day, when we all honor our fathers, why can’t we all agree about the importance of fathers, and how we must return them to family life.

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