Cultural Competence Action Plan (CCAP)
Cultural Competence Action Plan (CCAP) is the implementation of culturally responsible teaching introduced in August 2020 in the Carroll (Texas) ISD, specifically in Southlake, Texas. Among other things, it is supposed to correct the problem in CISD of inconsistencies in the Code of Conduct, allow a safe learning environment and eliminate bullying and discrimination. The program is estimated to cost $3M over 10 years. There has been much local, heated debate and school board elections have risen in visibility and attention because of this plan. The left says this is a much needed plan to improve race relation and understanding of racial and gender issues. The right says it is a political agenda to fully change our schools, attack our tradition of excellence, divide students and shut down free speech and student conversation. The plan would identify and punish microaggressions. Those microaggressions include, but are not limited to, everyday verbal and nonverbal, intended and unintended student communications. A few people would be empowered to make completely subjective decisions about these microaggressions, a completely impossible job wrought with problems. A Diversity & Inclusion week would be established at every school, including "BLM at School", which includes a 'starter kit of guiding principles & 'demands'. This is another implementation of teaching concepts and programs that are being resisted around the country under the banner of Critical Race Theory.