The FBI had a spy (informant) inside the Trump campaign in 2016. Was it for political spying and to set up the campaign for later prosecution, or to protect them from Russian interference? See also unmasking

Why could the US Media not figure all this out at the time?

from The Gray Area:
With John Durham's final report on the Trump-Russia Collusion scandal of 2016 finally out, two things are very clear. 1. As The Wall Street Journal reports, The Durham Report Finds Bad Apples Have Spoiled the FBI. The special counsel’s inquiry reveals a bureau divorced from its mission of strict fidelity to the law. 2. The US Media is a complete disinformation cabal. Why could the US Media not figure all this out at the time? Wouldn't it be good for the media to own it? Some have stated that Durham's report does no more than echo findings from a similarly-tasked 2019 report by the Justice Department inspector general. Throughout the entire Trump presidency, alternative media laid out facts almost identical to those we now find in the Durham report.  Yet, the mainstream media could not determine what was factual and pursued the opposite.  Those other reviews were discounted in favor of less sound accusations and called politically motivated.  In truth, the mainstream media coverage itself was unsound and the one biased and politically motivated. The total failure of these two bedrock American institutions illustrates the depths to which this country has fallen. Truth, the rule of law, The Constitution, integrity, honesty, and letting the voter decide have all been replaced with 'the political ends justify the means'. The FBI will deny free speech, raid citizens homes and offices for any made up political reason and maintain false accusations for indefinite periods. The media will support the same dubious claims, when, if they did their journalistic duty, they would easily identify the falsehoods. They promote the lies turning them into what appears to be real crimes, setting instead of reporting viewer/reader opinions and thus convincing voters using false information that they should vote Democrat to save the country. Apparently they did their jobs so well, they got another corrupt institution to award Pulitzer prizes for their coverage and promotion of lies over news. John Durham said that 'horrible bad judgement' and 'unseemly or unethical conduct' were not crimes to be charged. I'd say, this is criminal in the worst way. It has replaced reality with political narrative and put a stake in the heart of trust in the American people. And, tragically, it is not the only potentially fatal blow being simultaneously struck against this country. More From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

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