Federal Judges

Everyone is Surprised?

from The Gray Area:

Monday's decision by a federal court judge in Florida to halt the mask mandate was a surprise to everyone, and to no one. Democrats are saying this is a catastrophe. A decision by a Trump appointed judge, in DeSantis' Florida, subjecting the country to disease and death. Who could do such a thing. DOJ says it may appeal the decision if health needs require it. Removal of mandate sparks worry. More ammunition for packing the court. Republicans are equally surprised that a federal judge would actually uphold the Constitution and law of the land in recognizing that the CDC had no mandate from Congress to set such a mandate. Removal of mandate sparks joy. Surprised that freedom reigns again in the USA and people can decide for themselves to wear, or not wear, a mask. What a concept!

Watch Passengers React Mid-Flight to the End of Biden’s Mask Mandate

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