American Dream
The concept of the "American Dream" has brought people to and provided hope for people in this country since its founding. However, there are those today who argue that the American Dream is in trouble, does not exist anymore, that there is no such thing as a "self made man", or, that government needs to provide special opportunities so that those of lesser circumstances can rise in this country. This is all complete B___ S___! Two quick examples: 1. In the year 2000, Dr. Ben Chavis took over The American Indian Public Charter School (AIPCS), a failed middle school, in Oakland, California. He not only turned it around, but brought it to the top in under 10 years! Not bad for Chavis, an American Indian raised in a sharecropper's shack with no electricity in North Carolina. You can read about his story, Crazy Like a Fox, here. 2. Arthur Burns, former Fed Chairman under Richard Nixon, was an immigrant from Galicia, the son of a housepainter who had risen to become the foremost expert on US economic cycles and chief economist to Dwight Eisenhower…. Bloomberg BusinessWeek August 8, 2011. There are millions of stories like these. I will guarantee that you have them in your family. People are still flooding into this country legally and otherwise to escape other parts of the world where this type of individual freedom to improve the circumstances of their birth still exists. The only thing stopping people today from realizing the American Dream is having a dream, having the desire (hard work and perseverance) to achieve that dream, and obstacles inserted by government over the last 40 years that reduces motivation. Those who believe the American Dream no longer exists are right, because their pessimism won't let them have the dream or invest the work necessary to achieve the dream. And, their misguided belief that you can legislate opportunity to replace motivation. Our challenge today is not to let those people continue to ruin the positive mindset of the people or continue to establish limits to freedom which provide the foundation for the American Dream.

Read Tucker Carlson’s Speech Delivered After Last Fox News Show

from The Gray Area:
The following video is 36 minutes and well worth your time. Given the news regarding Tucker Carlson that has come out since this speech was delivered last Friday, there is all the more reason to watch this video.  Here are two: One, because, we don't yet know what happened to Tucker at FoxNews last Friday. His media competitors fill the airways with competitive media narratives, but we don't yet know. Two, in that vacuum, we are all bombarded with wild descriptions of what a lunatic, extremist, racist, etc. that Tucker Carlson is supposed to be. Is he? Or, is that just political narrative? Don't we all want to know what happened and who Tucker Carlson is, and not just the political narratives buzzing around him? Of course, we do. And, for that matter, we do with any public figure (pick your favorite example). No, this talk will not shed any light on what happened last Friday at Fox. However, it will let you know who Tucker Carlson is and what he thinks. It may surprise you. And, it will shed light on this country's current condition, clearly, directly, realistically and without political narratives. If you have a little more time, click the link below and read the transcript. It is an even more powerful read, in so many ways! More From Daily Signal:

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