For free people, this is a frightening precedent

from The Gray Area:

France to Nationalize Energy Giant EDF to Help It Combat Europe’s Energy Crisis is the headline today. It's France, big deal, right? No. One of Marxism's first caveats, after condemning Capitalism, is to 'control the means of production'. France is doing that with energy. For free people, this is a frightening precedent, if other supposedly free countries decide it is a useful idea. What would be next on the acquisition list? We can't deliver the electricity to power the electric cars the left says is needed to fight climate change. If we try to do it with 'renewable sources, the problem is worse. And, what do we do with all the old batteries? We don't have the rare earth materials, like copper & lithium, needed for wind farms they say are needed to fight climate change. A lot of diggin is necessary. Is that better or worse for the environment than drilling for gas and oil?

Government involvement is what has created the energy crisis. The energy crisis is man-made and purposeful. Reducing supply and increasing demand creates higher prices. Government started that by the way we handled COVID with lockdowns and managed our way out of it with free spending and supply reduction policies. Fossil fuels must be higher priced to get people to stop using them. War and the elimination of fuel supply associated only makes the problem worse, or better, if you objective is to raise prices and make people live without fossil fuels. It is easier to force people to do what you want if you control the means of production. And here we are in France. They owned 84% of energy giant EDF anyway, so easy to take it to 100%. By the way, if you already owned 84%, what more are you going to do that you couldn't do before? The answer is nothing constructive, but a lot that is tyrannical. Heaven help us is this gives Biden any ideas.

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