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Censorship, good or bad? Depending on who is in control.

from The Gray Area:
Attorney General Merrick Garland was asked on Thursday why he did not demand edits to the special counsel's report which included language on Biden's memory. Reporters stated there had been criticism from White House officials and others who argued he should not have let special counsel Robert Hur use language detrimental to the President. Apparently, the left and the media, wanted, even expected, the Biden Administration and the Justice Dept to censor the special counsel's report on Biden's mishandling of classified material. Fortunately, AG Merrick Garland said such requests were 'absurd'. In addition to censorship, there is a misinformation message for everyone in this public discussion.
  • First, the obvious one. Why is censorship of information that is derogatory to the left and its leaders okay, even expected, by the media and the government bureaucracy? Does that prove the institutional and media bias for the left's agenda?
  • Does that mean the truth is not as important as winning? Win by any means, even suppressing truth?
  • Should the hullabaloo of 'misinformation'/'disinformation' now carry a different public perception? Is it all about politics?
The answer to all the above is, and has been, yes. It is surprising to some that this would be discussed openly. That happens a lot now with regard to progressive issues. They are so committed to their beliefs that they don't even try to hide the ugliness within. It is there right in front of us. with regularity. The censorship, attacks and lawfare against Trump is a perfect example.  It is okay to do this to Democrat opposition, if you call the opposition a danger to democracy, a criminal or worse.  But, you should be impeached for asking questions about Republican opposition, or removed from state ballots if you win the opposing party's nomination for President. This is third world political activity! All this is presented in positive context or an opposite narrative to deceive the reader, viewer, listener. The arrogance of the educated elite is such that they believe they are the ones on 'the right side of history', and, therefore, should not have to answer to such petty criticisms as, 'our leader is possibly impaired'. Fight against ALL censorship, misinformation charges, disinformation designations and hate group categorizations.  They are all tainted with politics. Seek truth, then the lies and misleading details will become apparent to us all. Like it has from this exchange with AG Merrick Garland. More From Forbes: More From NBCNews:

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