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Not overly concerned, yet

from The Gray Area:

The uproar from the Senate testimony of the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, left me with a reaction of, meh!

Both parties were in an uproar over the Director telling them she could not release information regarding the 'Secret' files the FBI obtained from both Trump and Biden without permission from the respective special counsels. Such a reaction from the Senators is not at all unexpected, on this, or any subject that presents a possible political scandal to one or the other, if not both parties. At the same time, what would those same Senators do with this potentially sensitive, and 'Secret', information if it was given to them? They would immediately run to the media to leak what they could find that would further incriminate the former President on the other side and attempt to clear the former President on their side. Correct? Of course! Better not yet in their hands. Now, is this line of questioning from Senators appropriate, of course. Should the Senate Intelligence Committee see such information, of course. Should we be worried because they have not been given access, not yet. They will be given access at some point. If that access is unreasonably delayed or restricted, then we can evaluate the situation again at that time. Besides, someone in the FBI, the respective Special Prosecutor's offices, or other members of the 'deep state' will most likely leak details to the media anyway. Better then, to wait, so we can attempt to isolate the guilty party at that time without the complication of Senators being involved. Until then, better not in the Senator's hands and certainly better not being leaked to the media!

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