Imagine if a major newspaper printed a cartoon like this of Michelle Obama ...

from The Gray Area:

... or one of the Obama children, or Chelsea Clinton, Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, etc..... You can't imagine it because it does not happen. If it did, the outcry from the media would be loud and unstoppable.

But, if it's one of Donald Trump's children, crickets. Because that's an acceptable target.

That's the problem, one sided opinion in the media.

Steve Sack, "Wow, sexist pig, much!"

We all know that similar cartons make there way around the internet every day from both political perspectives and include cartoons of many of those mentioned above. That's free speech, as is this. But, if they make a major media outlet like the Minneapolis Star Tribune, who do not print similar cartoons from other points of view, they should get well deserved heat for the decision.

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