Control the language, control the issue

from The Gray Area:
Political & media narratives are so sophisticated now, it is hard to separate fact from fiction. Here is one example that displays a false narrative in a contradictory and misleading representation. These are the opening statements in a Washington Post article about a controversial Air Force colonel who is aggressively pushing DEI in the military: Once upon a time in another America, many considered diversity, equity and inclusion fundamental national values, at least nominally. Now those notions are so reviled in much of America that one senator is threatening the promotion of a highly qualified and praised Air Force officer. WaPo states that DEI is a long time national value. That is not true. The truth is that 'diversity' is a long time national value, not 'DEI'. DEI IS a fundamental value among the media and the Democrat party. It is not a fundamental value across the country. As a matter of fact, WaPo makes that statement about DEI 'being reviled in much of America', which is true. How can DEI be a 'fundamental national value' and 'reviled' at the same time? Let me explain the media slight of hand here.
  • First, WaPo redefines 'diversity' as DEI. Stating one thing, diversity, yet defining it as another, DEI. What does that mean? Diversity, has been a value throughout the country for years. Aggressively trying to add diverse populations to under-served industries, companies and jobs has been true for a long time involving both race and women.
  • Then, they place DEI as the long time 'fundamental national value', which is false. What WaPo is doing here is trying to equate ‘diversity’ with DEI, ‘diversity, equity & inclusion’. DEI is a completely different concept. It is about creating outcomes (equity), abolishing merit (equity), establishing systemic racism (inclusion) as an accepted problem and 'fundamental value' in America.
  • At the same time, they include a true statement about DEI being 'reviled'.  Diversity is not 'reviled'.
  • Simultaneously, the colonel in question is described as 'courageous', 'highly qualified and praised'.  That is because he supports the DEI political narrative.  Thus, the media and political left want to provide support for him in extended support for the broader DEI narrative.  They take a shot at anyone, in this case Senator, who disagrees with the colonel about the DEI narrative and his actions within the Air Force.  In this makeover, they subconsciously insert the concept of 'merit' ('highly qualified'), without using the term.
This contradiction, redefinition, mixing of true and false statements and media makeover is done on purpose in an attempt to make the reader believe that something foundational exists and is being attacked by a 'republican' senator. This is a complicated political narrative slight of hand about DEI. DEI is NOT the same as our value for diversity. If you control the language, you control the issue. More From The Washington Post: More From Daily Signal: O

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