Injecting Disinfectant
The most ridiculous debate arose on April 23rd during the daily Coronavirus Task Force Briefing concerning 'injecting disinfectant, Drano, Lysol, bleach or UV light" into a patient to combat Coronavirus. President Trump made comments in support of some new information presented by a member of the task force and the media and the political left went down the Hydroxychloroquine trail against such a harmful proposal by the President. It was nothing of the sort, but the media even got the maker of Lysol to issue a statement telling Americans not to drink Lysol!?!? Really? This all just makes for another ridiculous media sideshow instead of helping to defeat this virus.

Utterly Ridiculous!

from The Gray Area:

If you haven't yet lost faith in the American media, yesterday should do it. The media's Trump Derangement (TDS) is so out of control they decided that his comments regarding a presenter's findings at the task force briefing were a recommendation for all Americans to go out and use disinfectants or drink Drano to cure Coronavirus! I know you a have heard this because it has been the lead anti-Trump point today all over the media. And it is utterly ridiculous. It is so ridiculous that it should not even deserve a comment. But, we have learned over the years, no false allegation by the media, no matter how ridiculous, can be left without rebuttal. Watch the video for yourself and decide what you think he was trying to say.

Okay, was he doing anything the media has reported he was doing? No, he was not. He is just thinking out of the box on some of the items they have discussed and were just presented. Certainly, he explained it in his non-politician, clumsy way, but are we not used to this yet? Is the media so vapid all they can do is use it against him? Unfortunately, yes, they are. A few summary points: Trump brought this up out of thin air, right? No, he was commenting on a previous presenter who was talking about the effects of UV light, sunshine, humidity, and disinfectant on the virus.

Was Trump telling people to go out and drink Lysol? Apparently the media were so confused they went to Lysol and got this response: Do not inject yourself with our product to treat coronavirus. No, he was no more saying go out and drink Drano (Pelosi) or Lysol than he was to say go out and eat blue mold and think it is penicillin! The level of ignorance and misleading reporting is beyond the intelligent mind to comprehend. And if the American people are so weak as to believe such a stupid thing, that is even more frightening. Oh yes, some stupid person did take a version of Cloroquine, fish tank cleaner, thinking it would cure the disease and hr husband died! I know this is harsh, but reality demands the comment - like the comic says, 'you just can't fix stupid!' Trump said use disinfectant to clean your lungs. Did you see him say that in this video? No. He said the virus does a serious number on the lungs. If we could do something to help that or clean that it would be good. But not to ingest disinfectant. Mr. Bryan responded that he had told the President about these research efforts and that he thought some may work, some may not and knew that some definitely would not work on the human body. But, research continues...a great message for the media to take away you might think. And today he supposedly tried to lie his way out of it. No. Watch for yourself:

Another stupid reporter brought up the ridiculous scenario again and Trump responded with frustration to her and referencing another reporter's question to him at the briefing to which he responded sarcastically. As I have said before, watching these briefings you cannot help but be left with a sad feeling about the state of American media. It's not journalism. Just 'National Inquirer' type media. Journalism is dead in this country. The questions they ask are so stupid, so void of critical thinking and accurate messaging, and so full of 'get Trump today somehow' thinking, it is sickening. Trump simply observed it was great we were continuing to look at creative ways to fight this virus. But our TDS media, had to define it incorrectly for their own 'get Trump' political purposes. Trump should stop holding these briefings like he did before with the daily press briefings. He is over exposed and an easy target every day for cheap shot media. There are better ways to get clear messages to the people than through the clouded filter of today's American media.

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