Insurrection palestinian demonstrators attack WH

A pattern of 'insurrection', revolution & hate that should not be tolerated. Gov Abbott is correct.

from The Gray Area:

I've seen these college riots before, between 1968-72. I was there.

There was very little about rational thinking or justified expression of was all ideological instigation and hate. When rioters would not disperse or fought police, they were put down by force. The media had a fit about using force against violent rioters, so the authorities caved. That is why we are where we are today, 60 years later.

According to The Washington Examiner, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) said on Wednesday that Texas college students should be expelled if caught engaging in “antisemitic protests.” He further said, “Arrests are being made right now & will continue until the crowd disperses”... “These protesters belong in jail. Antisemitism will not be tolerated in Texas. Period. Students joining in hate-filled, antisemitic protests at any public college or university in Texas should be expelled.” Wow! Decisive, specific & direct leadership! The Washington Post said, Criticism, praise of Texas governor after dramatic use of troopers on protesters. You could say this was fair & balanced reporting on the part of The Washington Post. But, that is only if you have not seen the trend of their reporting on this and other issues. This is a political statement. Recognizing the division not only between the left & right on this issue, but between factions of the left, WaPo is trying to condemn Gov. Abbott of Texas for the crazy leftist and Trump Derangement Syndrome people, while recognizing the majority of the people in this country agree with him.

Remember what the media calls the fighting between Hamas and Israel after the Hamas terrorist attack on Oct 7th - ' Israel's war in Gaza'. That is a false statement. Israel has nothing against Gaza, only Hamas who is hiding there. So, that is a political a statement in support of Hamas, anti-Israel rioters and antisemitism on the left. And worse, it is instigating what we see happening. If they believe Trump instigated the Jan. 6th Capitol riot, then they have got to see this as instigated by our media.

College administrations will not act responsibly. The lie of right wing antisemitism, that has been repeated for a decade by the media and the political left, has come tumbling down to the truth and reality of the situation. The political narrative has been justifiably flipped.  The radical progressives in the Democrat party are the antisemitic extremists.  That is not new in 2024.  Hamas terrorism & protests by the radical left like this have broken out almost annually for decades (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, ...). Look at what is happening throughout the US on college campuses and elsewhere regarding left wing antisemitism, anti-Israel and anti-American sentiment. It is a legitimate 'insurrection'! The same as the summer of 2020 George Floyd riots, for which the political narrative was 'don't say riots', they were peaceful and justified protests. No, it was an 'insurrection'; assaulting people, killing people, looting and burning businesses, toppling statues and monuments, destroying government buildings and  historic churches, assaulting the White House, establishing autonomous zones where authorities are not allowed... , 'insurrection', and the same now. Gov Abbott said:, hate filled, antisemitic protests will not be tolerated in Texas...students participating should be expelled. He is correct! And, where are the parents who are  paying the bills for these students?  They should bring their kids home for a discussion.  Then have them take time off from school for a year and get a job.  They will learn a valuable lesson in truth and reality. This cartoon says everything you need to know about these riots (this insurrection): More From Washington Examiner:

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