Socialism, Marxism & Communism are variations on the same ideology. Basically: • Government ownership of means of production • No private property • Redistribution ("From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs") • Leadership by elites or dictator. Marxism is the political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in which the concept of class struggle in the current order of society stems from its economic system, capitalism; that in this system there are two major social classes; that conflict between these two classes is the root of all problems in society. The underlying principle: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". In practice, it often leads to violence since, according to Marx, a revolution is necessary in order to smash capitalism and proceed to the following stage. It also advocates for a proletariat dictatorship after the revolution to fight back any counter-revolution from the recently fallen bourgeoisie (capitalists). All Marxist forms of government in the past 150 years have been oppressive on it's citizens and as a result have failed! Because of this, today, radical leftist are taught to use the term 'socialism' and to make the point that socialism works in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and others. Conveniently misrepresenting the situations in those countries and leaving out Cuba, Venezuela, et al.

Why the Worldwide Left Is So Opposed to Donald Trump

from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: ... this opposition to Trump, it’s so irrational. It’s so obsessive that it puzzles me. And over what? Make America Great Again. Now, look, I understand the left hates America. The left hates the concept of capitalism and freedom. But they have never been anywhere near a majority of the population in this country. Never. They’ve always been fringe. But yet they’re portrayed by a sympathetic media as being the majority of the country.

the opposition to Trump goes way beyond just Democrats losing. And it is the singular slogan of Trump’s that it’s not just a slogan, it’s an objective: Make America Great Again. The degree to which that has rendered his opponents insane has remained a big question. Even though I think I understand most of it intellectually, I’ve said to myself there’s got to be more to this. This is just irrational. It doesn’t make sense that this many people do not want America to be great.

Well, this piece that I ran into appears at the American Greatness website. And it’s written by a man named John Fonte, F-o-n-t-e. And the headline, ” Who Makes the ‘Rules’ in a ‘Rules-Based’ Liberal Global Order?” Now, this column is adapted from a speech that he gave at the National Conservative Conference in Washington on July 17th, about a month ago.

t begins thus: “The forces promoting global governance represent a serious actor, driver, or player in world politics. Transnationalism or globalism has an ideology and a social-material base. And, crucially, it has a strong American connection.” Transnationalism is the word now for globalism. “The ideology is utopian, the age-old dream of worldwide peace and prosperity under a benevolent global regime. Further, the globalist project is bipartisan, in terms of both ideas and institutions.” Now, I don’t believe that there’s anything utopian about it.

“Democrat Anne Marie Slaughter, who headed the Obama State Department’s office of policy and planning, declared that global governance meant nations would cede sovereign authority to supranational institutions in cases requiring global solutions to global problems.”

Now, this group of people as it exists now, “The social base certainly includes the leadership of the European Union (which is a model for supranational governance) and its administrators in the European Commission, judges in the European Court of Justice, and other EU officials.

It includes international non-governmental organizations (e.g. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Greenpeace, George Soros’s Open Society foundations, etc.).” It’s important that these are nongovernment, NGOs, they’re all leftists. Everything that we’re talking about here is left-wing. It’s liberal. It’s socialist. It’s communist.

“Significantly, there is a strong American presence in the forces of global governance: major foundations (Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc.), the American academic world; the American Bar Association which openly advocates the ‘global rule of law’; and, of course, among leading American global corporations. Indeed, the vice president of Coca-Cola remarked, ‘We are not an American company.’ … A top executive at Colgate-Palmolive declared, ‘There is no mindset that puts this country (the United States) first.’” See, there it is, right there. These people, these CEOs, corporate CEOs, nongovernment organizations, think tanks, you name it, and the European Union governing bodies all believe that there is no mindset that puts the U.S. first. So here comes Trump, Make America Great Again. Putting America first is exactly what Donald Trump is all about. Donald Trump has not just swatted a hornet’s nest in the United States. Donald Trump has swatted a gigantic nest that’s the size of the whole world and he has put the fear of failure right in their face. He’s upset the apple cart in ways these people never thought could happen.

“With the Brexit referendum, the election of Donald Trump, and the rise of conservative, democratic nationalists throughout the West,” meaning western democracies, “the global governance project has been seriously challenged for the first time.” They thought they were in an “arc of history” that was inevitable, that we were headed to this transnational/globalist way of life that would result in an end to the concept of national sovereignty. And then Brexit and Trump came along. And they have been rendered…

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