Biden Scandals
There have been several high profile accusations of Joe Biden and the Biden family involvement with foreign governments and internal US deal making using his position for monetary gain. As a result, "Quid Pro Joe' has become a new nickname. The media ignores these accusations, but data continues to leak out from his son Hunter's acquired laptop and whistleblowers.

Hunter Biden’s Business

from The Wall Street Journal,

Joe Biden is running against Donald Trump’s character and supposed corruption, so a Senate report documenting the Biden family’s ethical swampiness certainly counts as news. Senate committee Chairmen Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley on Wednesday released the findings of their year-long investigation into the problems that the business dealings of Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, presented to the Obama-Biden administration. The report makes clear Hunter was profiting off his father’s position—in Ukraine, and notably in China. Foreigners knew they were buying influence by association.

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