The Great Replacement Theory

Serving a political narrative

from The Gray Area:
What is replacement theory and why is it playing such a role in the talking head reviews of the horrid Buffalo shooting? The Great Replacement Theory is the notion that people from minority populations, both here and in Europe, are replacing the existing white, largely Christian population. CNN says the US will be a minority white population in this decade. As the story is being presented, the theory was embraced by far-right white nationalist groups globally and has inspired targeted & tragic mass killings. It is playing so well in the media because the media is all about serving important political narratives, and this one, conservative Republican white supremacy, permeates all their political narratives. Political narratives are the opposite of reality, and that applies here. The great replacement theory, pushed by the media as an explanation for the shooting in Buffalo, is real, just not the way the media and Democrat politicians are playing it. It is called a far right conspiracy theory, not because the right dreamed it up, but because the right reacts negatively to it.  This allows the media to say the right's reaction is racist, which is false. The left dreamed up the theory and are now pushing the white supremacy narrative against the replacement theory message. The left is executing the theory, and the right is reacting to it,  On the left side of this page is one of many stories by the media showing right wing extremist ownership of replacement theory. On the right side of this page, is evidence that the left is the source of this theory and how the theory benefits Democrats. Democrats have pushed this strategy for years, going all the way back to Senator Thoedore Bilbo (D) in 1935 and even to the French nationalist movement of the 1900s. But is replacement theory the replacement of whites by non-white immigrant populations or that people who are defined as white are entitled to displace other people, to enslave other people, to colonize other people? These are two different things.  Yet, when you listen to the discussions, both views are combined into one political narrative to send a negative racist message about the right, being Republicans. This confusion allows the owner of political messages, the media, to talk out of both sides of their mouths on the theory and its implications. One sociologist calls this "a newer framework for an old idea". Confused yet? Of course you are, that's the point. Its the opposite of reality. This is the truth about replacement theory. The left is pushing replacement theory to change the 'complexion' of the US population in conjunction with political narratives in hopes of increasing Democrat votes. To do this they are opening the borders, adding non citizens to the census for the purpose of adding seats in Congress, giving benefits to non-citizens and possibly having non citizens vote. To the conservative population, this has nothing to do with race. To conservatives, this is just evil, because it is deceptive , manipulative and based on revolutionary & 'fundamental change' vs natural immigration. The Democrats realize this, so they publicize the plan to increase concern on the right in hopes of someone eventually reacting poorly or violently to this assault on democracy and the Constitution. When the right says this is an assault on democracy and the Constitution, the left says no, its racist. A no-win scenario for the right. A brilliant political narrative for the left and the media.  The left can implement their own theory and simultaneously use it against their opposition. Sadly, they are being successful. The racism in this theory it is resident in those who are executing the theory, the Democrat Party. The Democrats legacy of racism in the United States continues as the 'soft bigotry of low expectations' coupled with the Marxist ideal of a permanent underclass that needs government assistance. How sad to expect so little of your fellow citizens just because of their skin color. More From ABCNews:

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