The Great Replacement Theory

Don Lemon interview with Elon Musk. X, censorship and The Great Replacement Theory

from The Gray Area:
This interview represents a good opportunity to get open dialog in front of everyone. It has gotten support from the right, "Musk trashed Lemon". It has gotten negative reaction from the left as 'conspiracy theory' regarding Musk's video 'tweet' on The Great Replacement Theory. Thus, everyone will find things they like or dislike. That would present a 'both sides opportunity' for - 'both sides'. Don Lemon, as a far left media personality, tries to take the conversation toward the left in a positive manner and negatively toward the right, as expected. Musk appears to give his honest opinion on all the issues that arise. A couple of examples:
  • Lemon gets on the 'is CNN left wing'?  'Am I left wing? Musk is nice to him about that discussion.  Basically Lemon describes himself as center left and does not vote based on political ideology, but issues.  That is the left wing justification for being left wing.  They cannot take a position to support their left wing stand so they don't.  They say instead that they are independent or some form of center in order to hide their radical opinions.  Thus, they do not believe their left wing positions are actually radical.  As Musk says, everyone agrees Fox is right wing.  Isn't it interesting that those who point to right wing Fox, they cannot point to left wing media or personalities.
  • DEI and lowering standards.  It is historically true that standards have been lowered in k-12 and college since the 1970s.  Such policies have been recently identified and eliminated to great protest by the left. So citing 'random studies' that attempt to present the opposite of reality is perfect Marxist deception. In this discussion, 'evidence' was debated, but not accepted by either party, leaving a feeling that this issue was left unresolved. Citing 'random studies', 'comments' on X, or 'community notes' as evidence is not useful.  Each side should know the topics and questions and come prepared with real 'evidence' as needed.  That evidence may be clear, contradictory, or incomplete.  Unfortunately, the media does not want to be on the losing side of such discussions, so they keep topics, questions and 'evidence' only on their side.
  • The Great Replacement Theory and Musk's opinion from his post on the subject.  Replacement Theory is attacked by the left when brought up by anyone on the right or someone stating something negative about it. They call Musk's comments 'vile and toxic' and generally a conspiracy theory.  Lemon attacks 'replacement theory' as a 'Neo-nazi troupe' and the language in 'shooter manifestos'.  For the media and leftists, this points to the media narrative of a violent right.  Lemon and the left ignore left wing violence, like a Democrat shooting at Republican congressmen at baseball practice in 2017, Marxist troupes in BLM protests, the Green New Deal and other prominent policies. The Great Replacement theory was introduced by the left itself. What the left is upset about is that the right has been able to understand and explain the idea to the public and show how the left's plan is being implemented.  The left is thus denying & attacking those who explain it, rather than explaining it in their own words.
  • Censorship. Lemon showed Musk unacceptable tweets he believes are right wing and wants them censored. But, he does not reveal left wing offensive tweets and ask for them to be censored. Lemon appears to be telling Musk to censor those things Lemon doesn't like.  Then he says everyone should be able to read it. The contradiction is obvious and a regular part of the media censorship discussion.  By the way, who is responsible for the antisemitic hate? We now know, the left.
  • Tesla, Twitter (X) and Musk's personal life.  The personal life questions were out of context I thought for this conversation. In addition, attacking Tesla for supposedly having 'retribution against anyone who speaks out' is laughable given the cancel culture rampant on the woke left.
Still, I think a good back and forth, that no one will agree with completely.
from Don Lemon Show on X,

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