14th Amendment - Trump off the ballot for 2024
As of October 1, 2023 these seven states: California, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, & Arizona; have some action underway to remove Donald Trump from their state's 2024 presidential ballot for violations of the 14th amendment.

Guilty, until proven innocent

11/2/23; updated 12/28/23
from The Gray Area:
11/2/23; updated 12/28/23:
Democrat operatives (that's a scary term) are working hard to get Donald Trump removed from state ballots around the country. This is being done because they are saying that a serial felon like Donald Trump should not be able to run for president. Already Colorado & Maine have dropped his name from their 2024 presidential ballot. California and 16 other states are considering the same thing. Michigan voted to leave Trump's name on their ballot. The Supreme Court will eventually consider if any of this is constitutional. One of our judicial foundations in America is that you are innocent, until proven guilty. In the case of Donald Trump, he has been declared guilty since he came down that escalator in 2015. He has been accused, tried, indicted, impeached, and with the exception of one civil verdict, which is still under appeal, not been found guilty of anything. But, they want the accusations to give the appearance of guilt so that it can be used against him in the 2024 election. He is thus guilty, until proven innocent… and the accusations continue… so that innocence can never be accepted. What is Donald Trump guilty of?
  • He’s guilty of being a womanizer.
  • He’s guilty of being an unlikable personality.
  • He’s guilty of being abrasive.
  • He’s guilty of mean tweets.
  • He’s guilty of firing people over Twitter.
  • He’s guilty of harsh statements to people during campaigns.
  • He’s guilty of having respectable children who love him.
  • He’s guilty of demonstrating common sense on issues.
  • He’s guilty of cutting through political narratives to get to the crux of an issue.
  • He’s guilty of presenting strength to the rest of the world, including our enemies.
  • He’s guilty of having his own opinion and not being afraid to state it.
  • He’s guilty of having a large group of followers.
  • He’s guilty of being dangerous to the Democrats.
There it is … he’s guilty of being dangerous to the Democrats.  Therefore, he must be stopped. Not only must he be stopped and his opportunity to be president stopped, but you must be stopped in supporting him (a fact that at least 50% of the electorate agree with). If Trump cannot run in your state, who do you vote for?  That gives the opposition candidate a better chance to win, theoretically. In addition to constitutional rights, like innocent until proven guilty, this is a basic judicial miscarriage of justice. As much as we want the media to be a policeman for these political miscarriages of justice, we know from experience they cannot, and will not do that. The media parrots these false narratives and unfortunately many people are taken in by them. They think “the media wouldn’t be saying this if it wasn’t at least partially true”. Unfortunately, that is not accurate. Our media is the PR firm for the Democrat party. The Democrat party is the front for Marxism in America. Marxism has no basic foundational principles of justice outside of one thing, “whatever it takes”.  And here we are. Destroying Democracy in the name of democracy. We all have to stay vigilant in our consumption of news and information, particularly leading up to presidential elections. The solution for that is to vary your news sources. I know you don’t want to watch MSNBC. I know you don’t want to watch Fox News. But, you have to at least do a stop by once or twice a week on issues that grab your attention just to see what the biased left and the biased right positions are on those issues. Once you do, you will be able to determine what is real and what is important from your perspective. It’s amazing what a little clarity will do to our ability to recognize the truth. And make sure people remain innocent until proven guilty.  

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