Pelosi's Taiwan trip, electioneering?

from The Gray Area:
Of course it is. There is no other reason to make a trip like this now, after so many years of ignoring the issue.
  • 3 months before the mid-terms, in which Democrats are expected to get killed because of their policies on inflation, immigration, gas prices, energy independence, climate change, out of control spending, Afghanistan pullout, Russia/Ukrainian war, COVID shutdowns. vaccine mandates, et al..
  • Following by one day the killing of Zawahiri, coincidence?
  • Viewed by the public as weak on foreign policy and protecting America, due to Russia and Afghanistan, something needs to happen.
  • On top of a Democrat show of support for veterans in Congress and trying to cast Republicans as not supporting veterans (now that is a joke, but it is what they are doing.)
  • Yes, but what about the Chinese threats? Do you think that Pelosi would have gotten on that plane if she really thought there was a chance it would be shot down, of course not. Do you think with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and others with close relationship with China, this may have been orchestrated to help the left retain control in America? Certainly that outcome furthers the interests of China. And, if there were any chance it would start WW III, this would be a tremendous fail by Pelosi & the Biden Administration. Would they take that chance? No. So, other than some token cyber and trade responses, this will be nothing but a show.
About why she is going to Taiwan, Pelosi said: We cannot stand by as the CCP proceeds to threaten Taiwan — and democracy itself. Indeed, we take this trip at a time when the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy. As Russia wages its premeditated, illegal war against Ukraine, killing thousands of innocents — even children — it is essential that America and our allies make clear that we never give in to autocrats. When I led a congressional delegation to Kyiv in April — the highest-level U.S. visit to the besieged nation — I conveyed to President Volodymyr Zelensky that we admired his people’s defense of democracy for Ukraine and for democracy worldwide. By traveling to Taiwan, we honor our commitment to democracy: reaffirming that the freedoms of Taiwan — and all democracies — must be respected. The messaging for the trip is consistent with Democrats internal US political messaging, saving Democracy. And, Trump is a tyrant and anyone who supports him is an autocrat. Democrat colleagues praise speaker’s move. She's not going to do any harm. She won't take anything to do them harm and she don't wish China any harm," Joe Manchin (D- West Virginia) said. Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama told Fox News Digital that Pelosi has "the right to go over there" and that he and three other senators had visited Taiwan "a few months ago." One trip is under publicized, the other is highly publicized. Hum? There you have it. The Democrat messaging for the 2022 mid-terms and the 2024 presidential election, and Pelosi is going to Taiwan to reinforce it and hopefully have Democrats appear strong. Unfortunately, there will be those who are sucked in by this show and nrealistic messaging. More From The Washington Post:

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