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Violent activity of the left, never reported by the media

from The Gray Area:
This kind of violent and dangerous activity conducted by leftist gangs is never reported by the media. If this was a conservative, Trump supporting, group attempting these despicable acts, it would be all over the news. MAGA, anti-democratic, Trump supporters are the narratives repeated as nauseum in this type incident. Ask yourself why? The answer is in the bias, training and nature of modern media.
  • Because supporting progressive politics is the media agenda, they have established political narratives, and aggressively repeat them. Think of the wild panic when NBCNews hired, then prompted cancelled the on-air contract of former RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel! Though, MSNBC has long employed former RNC Chairman Michael Steele. What's the difference? One (Steele) supports the progressive, uni-party, anti-Republican narratives of MSNBC, the other McDaniel), it was assumed, would not have. There is something more sinister at play than political agendas in these and other networks.
  • Media training & tactics sets up the process for making this preferred type of incident a top of mind event. Using vividness & frequency, they make airplane crashes appear more of a problem than they are when compared to other modes of transportation. They do the same to create a threat of non-existent, right-wing violence by not reporting and/or excusing the left-wing violent activities (mostly peaceful, remember), which occur almost daily.  Therefore, the frequency and vividness of a supposed right-wing incident can maintain top of mind and appear be a bigger problem than more frequent and destructive left-wing violence.
  • This type of assault & violence above is completely ignored by the 'mass' media.
Hiding one's identity, and trying to blind people is a crime of the highest order.  It should be roundly, and non-partisanly assailed. But, it is not, is kept off the front pages, and the public is deceived. In addition, it does not fit the preferred media political narratives to reveal eight egregious crimes committed by illegal immigrants. In a 30-day study from April to May, the Media Research Center discovered eight serious crimes that never should have happened, if Mayorcas and the DHS had done their job protecting the border. The major networks have not reported on these incidents. Tragically, the eight unreported crimes include sexual offenses, two fatal car crashes, and other violent acts, including a Guatemalan illegal immigrant charged in Florida with the kidnapping and sexual assault of an 11 year old child and not one was given even a minute of coverage by the networks. Would the networks ignore such stories for their favored narratives, racism, transgender, anything negative on Trump, climate change, supposed MAGA violence, etc? Of course, not. They would have been 'above the fold' for days. Even if they were false stories. These are true stories which have and are being ignored. Violent activity, excused and omitted by the media. 'Vary your news sources' to find the total picture of what's happening in America.

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