Spying on Tucker Carlson

Whistleblowers Used to be American Heroes, didn't they?

from The Gray Area:

"Infuriatingly dishonest"!.

That was Tucker Carlson's reaction to the NSA denying it spied on his popular FoxNews show after an NSA 'whistleblower' told Tucker Carlson and Fox that they did.

The media, however, used the NSA denial to officially debunk the government whistleblower.

Not so long ago government whistleblowers could say or make up anything and the media would run with it as gospel. The stuff of American heroes, they would say and do whatever they could to protect the whistleblowers identity. They would even take it as far as impeaching a President.

But, say that the government is spying on a right leaning TV show and no one really cares.

Biased Media anyone? Anti-American media anyone? Media a threat to the country anyone?

Watch this one closely as it develops. If true, this is as big a story as it gets!

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