Hate Speech
Hate Speech has been a subject of political discourse since the founding. Unfortunately, "Hate Speech" has now been established by the national Media as only a one-sided (Right) tactic. This message is regularly repeated and sadly even falsely identified as right wing hate speech (Tucson shooting of Rep. Giffords). The problem is actually non-partisan as it has always been. However, the venom being spewed by the Left is either not mentioned or obtusely justified by the national Media (Reps are racist). In the section below, to balance the message and present the true picture, we identify the "hate speech" on both sides. This page is different from the others on this site. The media outlet will usually be pointing the finger the other way. Thus, it is necessary to use "right leaning" media to identify "left wing" hate speech. And, use "left wing" media to identify "right wing" hate speech. So don't be confused when you read for example "Media Matters" on the right and the The Media Research Center on the left. It is necessary for you our reader to identify accurately the 'hate speech' sources, versus the media outlet, degrading the national political discourse. So left complaints about the right are reported on the right. Right complaints about the left are reported on the left.

Media Distorts The Facts - Stresses False Racist Narrative

from The Gray Area:

"Send her back", "Send her back", "Send her back" chanted at Trump's rally last night in NC was picked up immediately by the news media and distorted as evidence of some racist intent on the part of Trump and his 'deplorable' base. Do we expect anything different? It helps them distract from the consistent success of Trump's political rallies.

The chant lasted maybe 15 secs and was not shouted like the 'lock her up' chants from 2016. But that's all it took.

Trump's 'deplorable' base was making a point about how tired they are of Democrat politicians and media blowhards tearing down this country.


But, they have labeled him a racist, against all evidence, since he started running for President. No reason to think it will stop. It is a media and Democrat narrative that is over 60 years old. The Democrats had to lose their legacy of racism in America so they started calling everybody else racist. And they continue.

The truth is, as Jason Riley said in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, The Race Card Has Gone Bust. Just like crying wolf too often, no one believes it anymore. And, its about time!

I'm sorry that Trump gave into the pressure to try to disavow his association with the chant. Now Biden wants him to disavow the KKK. Please!

Ok Biden, when you disavow the 'squad", Anti-Fa, Socialism, attacks of Republican politicians in restaurants, attacks on anyone wearing a MAGA hat, black mobs attacking a handicapped white kid, firebombing an ICE facility, lying about concentration camps and the list goes on. Lets see Biden disavow all that hate!

Well, how about that, he did disavow one incident on a reporter in Portland - good start, but you have a long way to go Biden to disavow left wing hate.

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