A 'pretend' peace is what you want?

from The Gray Area:
Mark Ruffalo Pushes For What Hamas Wants; a Ceasefire in Gaza — ‘We’re Not Going to Bomb Our Way to Peace’. This is a foolish position, but one that woke progressives often take. They blame the wrong people for problems and prefer a 'pretend' peace.. Those in the way of peace are Hamas, period. They are dangerous terrorists, de-stablize the world and stand in the way of peace. Their ability to wage war and terror must be stopped, period. That is the only way to bring real peace.  Peace through strength, not peace through weakness. With this flawed logic, Ruffalo would probably have taken the same position if he were around in 1945. Stop fighting imperialist Japan and Nazi Germany so we can have a 'pretend' peace, while the enemy rebuilds to strike again, rather than eliminate their ability to wage war and cause human destruction.  We did that several times in Vietnam, that worked well, didn't it.

from Breitbart,
Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo used Saturday’s Directors Guild of America awards ceremony to demand a “ceasefire” in Gaza. “We’re not going to bomb our way to peace,” he said at the A-list celebrity event. Mark Ruffalo was in attendance at the 76th Annual DGA Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills to help honor his Poor Things director Yorgos Lanthimos. The actor took time on the red carpet to explain to Deadline his lapel pin representing Artists for Ceasefire. More From Breitbart:  

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