Critical Race Theory
Also being implemented in schools as Action Civics. Critical Race theory is an academic discipline, formulated in the 1990s, built on the intellectual framework of identity-based Marxism. Relegated for many years to universities and obscure academic journals, over the past decade it has increasingly become the default ideology in our public institutions. Critical Race theory is fast becoming America’s new institutional orthodoxy. Yet most Americans have never heard of it ... it is fast achieving "cultural hegemony"... The question is, is that good or bad? The connection to Marxism, and recommendations to suspend private property, seize land & wealth, redistribute same, teach children that the world is divided into 'oppressors' and 'oppressed', white people are 'oppressors' based on skin color, violent attempts to force people to agree and silence dissent, all tends to indicate this is not only bad, but destructive and disastrous.

Political narratives, projection & lies

from The Gray Area:
7/21/23; update 7/23/23:
Vice President Kamala Harris torched Florida’s new Black history curriculum teaching the “benefits” of slavery to enslaved people as a crowd in Florida booed the new standards. The Florida Board of Education voted Wednesday to approve a curriculum on Black history that includes teaching that “slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit” and requires teaching “acts of violence perpetrated against and by African Americans." Harris said, "they insult us in an attempt to gaslight us" ... "as parents, we teach our children to tell the truth". "It’s one of the first things we teach our children: love and honor their parents, their God, and tell the truth. We teach our children not only to tell the truth, but to seek knowledge and truth. These extremist so-called leaders ... dare to push propaganda to our children." Charles C. W. Cooke of the National Review said today: This is a brazen lie. It’s an astonishing lie. It’s an evil lie. It is so untrue — so deliberately and cynically misleading — that, in a sensible political culture, Harris would be obligated to issue an apology. Instead, NBC confirms that she will repeat the lie today during a speech in Jacksonville. I have been trying to work out how best to illustrate the sheer scale of Harris’s falsehood, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to achieve it is to list in one place all the relevant parts of the course about which she is complaining. So, below, I have copied and pasted every single reference to slavery, slaves, abolitionism, civil rights, and African Americans that is in the document. For those interested, the full curriculum (along with the curriculum for the teaching of the Holocaust) is here. WOW! This should be shocking, but, it's not, political lying is almost expected. So, which political liar do we believe? I was asked tonight while watching ABCNews' report on VP Harris speech in Florida, what I thought. My response was that I had not read the curriculum section in question so I couldn't say for sure. But, what I expect, since this is not hard to decode, is that this is purely political narrative. In this case defending the existing CRT political narrative, while simultaneously reinforcing others.  The other narratives are targeting Ron DeSantis, his success in Florida, systemic racism in the GOP, new school boards & parents, and the need to return to CRT. While the isolated quote about 'slaves learning useful skills' maybe accurate, it was more than likely true and taken out of context in the curriculum. That was my knee jerk reaction based on past experience with political narratives and the response of the media and left wing activists. Lo and behold, someone (Charles C.W. Cooke) has read the curriculum and said, not only was it taken out of context and not representative of the curriculum at all, but the statements by the Vice President are 'brazen & astonishing lies'. If the statements are false, how can VP Harris and others get away with them? Again, easy, who, other than right wing media and Republicans are going to call them on the lies? No one. And, if the propaganda media doesn't say they are lies, and then echoes the lies ad nauseam, the lies become true, along with the convenient attachment of the above variety of political narratives. On top of the narratives there is projection, the accusation that others are doing things that you yourself regularly do.  Here are two statements VP Harris made in her speeches that were simply, projection. Gaslighting, a familiar tactic of the left wing media, was used by VP Harris in her speech. Gaslighting means to tell people that what they see is not really happening. You can't believe your lying eyes. Only believe us. But, Harris says that Florida, DeSantis, right wing racists, et al, are trying to make people believe in the new state curriculum, which they say is not true or real. She says you must only believe us, we are the ones with truth and honesty in our messaging. After laughing, you see that this is projection by definition and worse, a lie in this case. Kamala Harris then adds the political narrative of 'changing history' to the speech. This is a favorite narrative of both sides. Harris believing that Florida and other states do not and have not taught students about slavery. That is untrue. I grew up in Virginia and slavery was ever present in the history curriculum when I went to school. The right says that Democrats are 'changing history' by saying the entire United States is illegitimate because slavery is responsible for everything, including US economic growth and its founding as a racist state. Projecting 'history changing' onto this Florida curriculum is void of anything factual, but again reflects the attempt by Democrats to 'gaslight' the public by flooding the political zone with conflicting narratives. As guessed above, what is happening here by Democrats, activists and the media is individually and collectively to: -do damage to Gov DeSantis, for 2024 and beyond (because he had success with minorities in Florida during the 2022 election) -attack the success in Florida, including eliminating CRT, an integral part of the social transformation agenda. -confirm the US as systemically racist', another important political narrative -indict US citizens who participate or agree with what Florida is doing in education. -further convict all white people (especially Republicans), as CRT does to even 10 yr old children, as responsible for slavery & racism. This style of messaging can be easily seen if you force yourself to ignore the political narratives and just look at the issue, in this case educating our children. If one side says the program is flawed and the other says it is accurate, then both can't be right. If one side says the other side is lying, and the other side says no, they are lying, then both can't be right. Unfortunately, since you can't believe either side, you will have to investigate the allegations on your own to determine the truth. That is what Mr Cooke did and for each of us to be sure he is not lying, we have to read it ourselves, too. There are other ways to determine where the truth resides. Look at the people who are criticizing the plan. Democrat politicians (Harris), education unions, and left wing activists (who have been in control of school curriculum until recently are following the curriculum development, reading it line by line to find some language they spin into an effective narrative). Also, look for editorial bias that for no reason other than a biased opinion, inserts words like 'controversial' into the story. Ask yourself what makes it controversial? The answer is only that the other side doesn't like it!  That's not controversial, or truthful, that is biased journalism. Lastly, 'vary your news sources'. This is critical for you to get a healthy understanding of our destructive political environment today. More From National Review:

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