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To quote Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase before Congress on June 13, 2012, "Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater", ... "I believe in strong regulation, not necessarily more regulation".. He clarified by saying that continuing to add regulation on top of bad, ineffective regulation would just make it more complex and costly and less effective, meaning be a little thoughtful about the regulation that you impose on business. That is the common sense approach. People are concerned when they hear that Congress invites industry experts in to discuss development of laws and regulations for fear of watering down the law/regulation. So, that means they would rather have politicians in Congress who DO NOT understand the industry, develop a new law/regulation on their own? That hurts the industry, the economy and the employees and clients of the industry in question. If Congress is the "executive" representing the people of the US, they should use industry experts and make strong and proper executive decisions that create effective laws with with the best interests of the country in mind, and with out political maneuvering.


from The Gray Area:
Earlier this week, the Biden Administration's new Office of Personnel Management issued a new rule making it more difficult to fire government employees. The New York Times began reporting on this plan in September, 2023, before the primaries, before Trump had any demonstrated support as a candidate. Why does the Biden Administration want to keep government employees from being fired, whether for economic or performance reasons? Because these government employees provide a benefit to the 'party'. Don't think so?  Here is what Chuck Schumer said a few years ago: 'we have 6 ways from Sunday to get back at our political enemies through the government'. This effort has just confirmed the existence of the 'deep state', as if everyone did not know it existed long before this action. The Biden Administration, Democrat politicians and the media are coordinating this political narrative, as usual.

If you believe that government personnel are without political agendas, you haven't been paying attention. When over just the past 15 years have you seen your government lie to you, or spy on opposition leaders?  Hunter Biden laptop is 'Russian disinformation'.  Trump, Russian collusion 2016. You can keep your doctor, 2009.  You will spend less on health insurance, 2009.  Benghazi was not a terrorist attack o the US, 2012. 'Resistance inside the Trump Administration' announced after Trump took office, 2017.  John Durham, Special Counsel Report: 'the FBI lacks fidelity to the law'. Horowitz, Inspector General Report: 'Comey & others at the FBI set a dangerous precedent'

That's just a quick list. Yes, the government of the United States lies constantly to the people. Do we want that to continue? I have always said we have at least twice too many government employees. We can't get teachers paid because all the money from education funding goes to administration across the country. Don't believe me, drive around your school district and check out the big new buildings housing hundreds if not thousands of government administrative bodies. We would need none of them if our taxes paid to the government, which then come back to us in state education funds, didn't come with federal guidelines and reporting which requires administrative clerical personnel. And that is just one department. God knows, there are good, honest, public servants in our government. Some ARE our family and friends as Rob Shriver said. Many more are political activists that have been inserted into the belly of our government over decades. They need to go. Trump should, on day one, reduce the government by 10%. Then 10% each year after for the four years he is in office.  He won't do it, but he should. More From CBSNews: More From FoxNews: More From PBS: More From AP:

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