Deceptive Numbers & Word Games

from The Gray Area:

On May 4th, I posted this article titled, What Caused This? It talked about all the renewed interest by the Biden Administration at the southern border and what may have caused this. The next week, on May 11th, Title 42 ended and DHS announced a new “Comprehensive Plan to Manage the Border After Title 42” including “lawful pathways” and use of the CBP One app. Since then, the media has been promoting the immediate and continued reduction of migrants at the southern border! This is all illegal and deceptive, with compliant media political narrative support. Missouri and 17 other states have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over what they call its “unlawful open-border policies.” Make no mistake, the Biden Administration remains committed to unlimited illegal immigration and is using slight of hand and administrative abuse to achieve it. Meanwhile, it threatens that “unless Congress comes together in a bipartisan way to address our broken immigration and asylum system,” which is code for mass amnesty, this deliberate chaos will continue. No one should fall for the Biden Administration’s misleading numbers or word games. Congress needs to defund these open-border operations, increase U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement resources to find and remove the Biden-released masses, and pass H.R. 2 through the Senate to bring true and lasting border security to America. Here is an example of how the Biden Administration's shell game' works as explained by the Heritage Foundation. The Biden Administration claims that its “historic expansion of lawful pathways” has reduced “unlawful entries between ports of entry…70 percent since May 11,” the day when Title 42 authority ended. But there has been no significant reduction of illegal entrants—they have simply been renamed and re-directed. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens whom the Border Patrol would have “encountered”—that is, administratively arrested—are now allowed to enter the country by the CBP Office of Field Operations inspectors at air and land POEs. The crucial number for tracking the Biden surge in illegal immigration is how many total foreign nationals are allowed into the U.S. nationwide despite having no visa. That number remains exceptionally high... In a June 6 press release, the DHS boasted that border encounters were lower as a result of its supposedly tougher “Comprehensive Plan to Manage the Border After Title 42.” In fact, the plan is a smokescreen for the underlying strategic objective: to let in as many illegal aliens as possible and punt them into a backlogged asylum and court system, in most cases without tracking their locations or court appearances. Encounters with the Border Patrol have averaged 3,400 per day since May 11. Another 1,070 inadmissible aliens presented themselves at a POE each day, using Secretary Mayorkas’ erroneously named “lawful pathway,” and the CBP has expanded daily appointments to 1,250. That is 37,500 inadmissible aliens each month. This number does not include an additional 23,000 supposedly vetted and sponsored Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan nationals who entered in May through a special parole “pathway” that started in January. These two mass-parole port programs add up to 60,500 inadmissible aliens per month. If this number were shifted back to the Border Patrol encounter data on the southwest land border, encounters would be back at, or above, the record 200,000 a month.

Our country is being over run with undocumented immigrants from around the world, whose objectives for being here are varied and unknown. They will likely never be seen again until they break the law, violently or non-violently. Does this provide a humane approach to refugees? Does it add to our homeless problem? Does it protect American citizens random violence? Is this anyway to run a first world country in the 21st century?

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