Pivotals (Generation Z)
The post-Millennial generation best known as Gen Z are pivoting away form Millennials.

Propaganda Rules The Day

from The Gray Area:
Watching the March For Our Lives today I was left with two reactions. The first was sadness. Sadness that:
  • these kids from Parkland had to go through that horrible experience
  • these kids grief and anger is being used by left wing politicians and the media
  • so many people could get co-oped into such a political show
  • voter registration was set up at all these rallies
  • so many signs were being displayed with clever, yet ridiculous, meaningless and political statements
  • some of thee kids, during the protests and on TV interviews dropping "F-bombs" with ease, attacking their parents - does that make us proud of our youth?
  • the general theme is gun control, which has been proven not to be a leading cause of mass shootings
  • this supposed "movement" has no cohesive objectives, no strategy to support the objective and no tactics to support the strategy to accomplish anything
  • the only apparent purpose is to protest, make general political statements, attack Republicans, attack President Trump and attack the NRA, none of which are obstacles to progress in stopping school violence.
  • this group does not present complete solutions to the problem for which they protest, though one school superintendent did proposal arming students with rocks
  • that the 'movement' shuts out anyone who doesn't completely buy into the gun control politics, specifically those kids who want to stop school violence, but support the 2nd amendment
  • this is just another attempt to 'get Trump' by using this 'children's protest' to gen up enthusiasm on the left and to tamp down the national enthusiasm that has been evident since Nov. 8, 2016.
The second thought is that all this reminds me of a Nazi style movement. I know, the left and the leftist media will go 'ape-s...' over using that word against a left wing political protest. They can use the term with impunity without one shred of accuracy, but no one can apply it to the left without a violent political reaction. Well, tough, I am going to apply it. The Nazi's spent the 1920s and 30s trying to get people to believe their political narrative. They used emotion, misinformation and propaganda, and later force, to control messaging and dupe the German public into joining their evil Reich. This March For Our Lives, with their broad statements, clever slogans and emotional connections, looked to me to be doing the same thing. So many people buying into propaganda. Marching for a 'solution' that is incomplete at best and totally wrong at worst. And, using emotion as a hammer to beat down anyone who acknowledges the manipulation of these kids and to exclude anyone who wants to offer a more complete solution. If these kids could have a clear and accurate objective and develop a complete solution package and have that be what they are marching for then this 'movement' could make something happen. But, the 'movement' necessary is not on gun control. It is on the leftist media and radical Democrats who fail to recognize a complete solution package that will have impact, not just satisfy their political gun control objectives. By the way, if you want to see hundreds of thousands of young people focused on positive change, go to a World Youth Day.

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