History changing

Re-writing history to support political narratives

from The Gray Area:
6/14/21; updated 6/15/21:

Time Magazine published a new article titled, “We’ve Been Telling the Alamo Story Wrong for Nearly 200 Years. Now It’s Time to Correct the Record.” It does what you would expect, attempts to change history, or at least get you to doubt history.

The re-writing of history is done in the same way as others have been regarding the Civil War, the 1619 project, the opening of the West, Pocahontas, Powhatan, etc, etc., by using language of modern political narratives. And, always, consider the source. In this case, TIME Magazine, a noted left wing biased news source. And, in the end, does the new historical opinion really change anything, or just attempt to 'grey the edges' of the story. When you read this article you find the following: scholars, proven, anglo, oppressor, slaves, our racial history, feelings vs facts, and, of course, gaslighting- what you know, really isn't true. Don't believe your lying eyes, just believe what we tell you. Of course, any history isn't perfect. Some details are inconsistent & suspect, it is mostly accepted as written by the victors, and the other side doesn't like the story as written. Today, the other side's opinion is accepted as truth. Why? Because it fits the political narrative, thus the sprinkled in language of the 'modern' narrative. Using 'modern' sensibilities, the historical time seems unacceptable (kind of how 2001 seems unacceptable today.) Therefore the basis for our beliefs are destroyed. Mission accomplished by the history changers. Why is this the mission of the history changers? Because history destroys almost every left wing objective & policy. They have all been tried and have all failed miserably. The current progressive platform is the revolutionary playbook of Hitler's Nazi regime, Mao's Cultural Revolution, Castro's Cuban Revolutions, the Russian Revolution, the more recently Venezuela's switch to 'socialism'. Thus, for those who continue to espouse these political goals, history has to be eliminated as a source of truth and perspective. Or, at least placed into doubt. So, when supposed unnamed 'scholars', 150 years later, come up with supposedly 'proven' errors that support a 'new' narrative, in the 'political' landscape of today, the suspect for 'false history' is most often, the revisionist. In this case, TIME.

As always, vary your news sources, to find a more complete picture.

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