Why does it seem that Dems, the Media & Government HC officials don't want a treatment for COVID?

from The Gray Area:
Ever ask yourself that question? Over the past 18 mos., every time a doctor, group of doctors, or researcher comes up with a promising treatment for COVID, Democrats, the Media & deep-state government healthcare bureaucrats say NO!, its going to kill you! It is usually followed with a phrases like this; Scientists have warned against taking ...., as a treatment for Covid-19. But those 'scientists' are never revealed. Hmmm. Here are just a few of those treatments:
  • Hydroxychloroquine, proven effective by Trump & doctors (even Fauci), some journalists, and many others, still derideen by the press becasue of Trump recommendation.
  • Dr Richard Bartlett talks successful COVID treatments - removed by YouTube!
  • Video by doctors promoting hydroxychloroquine & other tereatemtns removed by Big Tech 
  • Azithromycin (also called a z-pack), which is designed to treat bacterial infections but also been found to reduce inflammation overall, which researchers hoped could help with the extreme inflammation response seen in severe COVID-19. However, according to The New York Times, a large, double-blind clinical trial found no benefit of the antibiotic in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. According tot he New York Times?
  • Vitamins, especially Vitamin D and zinc, have also gotten a considerable amount of media coverage throughout the pandemic, but taken as a whole, the results are a mixed bag. They work, personal experience!
  • Steroids like dexamethasone have been used to treat the worst effects of COVID-19 by reducing the body’s own immune response. They’re effective in preventing the potentially life-threatening inflammation that results from severe infection and that can cause Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which is a main cause of COVID-19 fatalities.
  • by the way, injecting bleach, disinfectant, Drano etc. A media fear tactic invented to direct negative messages at Trump. Never recommended by Trump or anyone.
  • Herd immunity. Saving lives & saving the economy at the same time.
Other treatments which have gotten some positive healthcare reviews:
  • fluvoxamine, an antidepressant that the Food and Drug Administration has already found to be safe and that’s cheap to produce as a generic drug. The left wing media liked this one for some reason.
  • Remdesivir, poo-pooed early on, now accepted. Some progressives wanted the drug confiscated and re-priced early on.
  • Monoclonal Antibody COVID-19 Infusion, available under FDA emergency use authorization.
  • Convalescent plasma. President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that the Food and Drug Administration has issued an emergency use authorization in August, 2020.
  • One drug, called Baricitinib, which is approved by the FDA to treat rheumatoid arthritis, has been investigated when used in conjunction with remdesivir, though the results were modest at best.
  • Another, called Tocilizumab and also approved to treat rheumatoid arthritis, seemed promising early on as well but recent investigations were mixed.
  • prone positioning, in which patients with severe respiratory illnesses are positioned on their ventral (belly) side. This placement helps keep their lungs open. Worked for a family friend.
The most recent treatment to get attacked by the media and government bureaucrats is ivermectin. Horse de-wormer, yuck! The media even took the bait on people in hospitals for invermectin overdoses: Peer reviewed studies around the world have shown promise for Ivermectin. It is already approved for use in humans and has been for 30 years. The American Journal of Therapeutics says: Ivermectin is a well-known medicine that is approved as an anti-parasitic by the World Health Organization and the US Food and Drug Administration. ... Repurposed medicines may have a role against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The anti-parasitic ivermectin, with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, has now been tested in numerous clinical trials. All this development of treatment alternatives is indicative of a free society. One in which anyone can find a treatment or cure for a disease without going through the government bureaucracy. That's not to say that we don't want a approval mechanism to help prove that a new development is safe and will do what it says it will. But, government testing is not the same thing as having solutions and new treatments ONLY COME FROM the Government. That slows development of treatments and further develops a single point of CONTROL (the government bureaucrats) over our bodies and our lives. Is that the issue? To have doctors on their own offer to the government possible treatments is a threat to government control of healthcare? My answer is yes. You determine for yourself. As for any of the treatments above, ask your doctor. Believe them, they know your medical history, not the government bureaucrats.

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