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Trump has and is doing more on healthcare than the media will have you believe

from The Gray Area:

It is true, Donald Trump does not have a comprehensive fix to our healthcare system yet. He has tried hard, but there are two obstacles in his way. 1. The Democrats and their single payer, government run healthcare system plans 2. The Republicans, and their inability to agree on anything (see John McCain and Obamacare Repeal). Trump resists a government takeover of healthcare. Without getting any help from either camp, he has forged ahead as best he can. Following is his healthcare vision, outline of a program and actions taken himself to improve healthcare for Americans right now.

Background of Trump Healthcare Plan. Obamacare is hurting American families, farmers, and small businesses with skyrocketing health insurance costs. Moreover, soaring deductibles and copays have made already unaffordable plans unusable. Close to half of U.S. counties are projected to have only one health insurer on their exchanges in 2018. Replacing Obamacare will force insurance companies to compete for their customers with lower costs and higher-quality service. In the meantime, the President is using his executive authority to reduce barriers to more affordable options for Americans and U.S. businesses. Outline of Trump's Healthcare Vision. The America First Healthcare Plan. My plan expands affordable insurance options, reduces the cost of prescription drugs, will end surprise medical billing, increases fairness through price transparency, streamlines bureaucracy, accelerates innovation, strongly protects Medicare, and always protects patients with preexisting conditions. By contrast, the Democrat Party is pushing a socialist nightmare. - The first pillar of my plan is more choice — more choice for the American patients. - My plan will also revolutionize access to telehealth. That’s something that really has taken off during the pandemic. - The second pillar of my plan is lower costs for families and seniors — lower costs. - Next, I’m taking on the lobbyists and the special interests to lower the price of prescription drugs. I’m taking on Big Pharma like never before. - My plan will allow states, wholesalers, and pharmacies to do something career politicians have promised for decades — but never delivered. We will finally allow the safe and legal importation of prescription drugs from Canada. - We will put you in control of your own medical records when we — (applause). Good. We’ll require doctors to make your records available electronically - we enabled patients to receive at-home dialysis, and we’re investing in the creation of an artificial kidney. - we’ll reverse the disastrous and heartless decision Joe Biden made in 1996 to shut down the pharmaceutical industry in Puerto Rico. Trump Healthcare Actions Taken. Obamacare. We repealed the individual mandate; eliminated Obamacare’s health insurance, medical device, and the Cadillac taxes. Launched a $500 million initiative to find cures for childhood cancers Ending America's Opioid Crisis., obviously, horror show, it decreased by over 35 percent since January of 2017. Launched to connect those with substance abuse disorder to treatment. Price Transparency Act. Discount Cards for Prescription Drugs Executive Order on protecting Pre-Existing Conditions Executive Order on Protecting Vulnerable Newborn and Infant Children Ending surprise billing. Required hospitals to post standard prices on the Internet. Right to Try, to give critically ill patients access to lifesaving cures where it hasn’t been approved yet by the FDA. The benefits and the concerns. Signed historic VA Choice legislation; it’s been a tremendous success. And we just got a 91 percent approval rating from our vets...And, while we’re at it, we signed VA accountability. Took executive action to prevent veteran suicide and launch the 24-hour veteran hotline for suicide. Massive failure? Medicare. Under my plan, 33 million Medicare beneficiaries will soon receive a card in the mail containing $200 that they can use to help pay for prescription drugs. COVID. In his all-out war against the virus, he's lifted bureaucratic barriers and marshaled America’s scientific, industrial, and technical brilliance.We have seen our doctors, nurses, first responders, scientists, and researchers at their very best. We slashed red tape to accelerate the development of lifesaving treatments, reducing the fatality rate by 85 percent since April. Incredible.Overall, Europe has seen an almost 50 percent greater excess mortality rate than that of the United States. And despite Europe’s punishing lockdowns, they are now seeing a huge surge, very sadly, in cases.Under Operation Warp Speed, my administration is developing a vaccine in record time. Other diseases.e plans to apply the same determination to accelerate medical breakthroughs in all areas, including for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, generic treatments for sickle cell disease, early detection of cancer, and much, much more. Launched an initiative to end HIV/AIDS in America. In six years, it will be largely eradicated. So that's just what he is thinking, working on and doing around healthcare. It's piece meal, true, but quite impressive. Why didn't you hear this anywhere in the media? Because if they told you all this, you wouldn't want their socialized medicine.

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