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What Trump Has Done to Change Health Care and How It’s Helped Battle COVID-19

from National Review,
How Trump is revolutionizing health care. These are policy changes that are almost never mentioned in the mainstream media, are largely ignored by the heath care media and are rarely mentioned by the candidates themselves.
  • Virtual Medicine: Liberating patients and their doctors to use the phone, email, Skype, Zoom, Facebook etc.
  • Round-the-Clock Primary Care: Employer-funded accounts will soon be used by employees to contract for direct primary care.
  • Patient Power: Enhancing the ability of chronic patients to manage their own care.
  • Centers of Excellence for Chronic Care: Enhancing the ability of Medicare Advantage plans to provide specialized care.
  • Better Care for People with Pre-Existing Conditions: State waivers that lead to better care for the sick and lower premiums for everyone.
  • Insurance Tailored to Individual and Family Needs. In many states, individuals can buy low-cost, mandate-free insrucne that is guaranteed renewable for an indefinite period of time.
  • Price Transparency: Requiring providers to post their prices.
  • Personal and Portable Health Insurance: Allowing employees to purchase individually owned insurance with employer dollars.
Election issues: Almost everything mentioned here is temporary and could go away with a new administration. More From National Review:

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