Trump resists a government takeover of health care

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from TPPF,

When it comes to health care, there is a deep divide between the policies of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. But the distinction isn’t so much Trump vs. Biden as it is the American people vs. special interest groups.

When the first debate is held, the theme of the night will be domestic policy, and health care is sure to be hotly debated — as it should be; it’s a top issue for American families. Biden will be touting the Affordable Care Act, adding a “public option” to appease the large contingency of his party that still demands “Medicare for all.”

For his part, Trump has consistently resisted a government takeover of medicine and is looking to create an environment where patients can be in charge of their health care decisions.

Yet polls show that both parties are unhappy with their candidates’ positions and with Congress for failing to address the issue, regardless of who is in the majority.

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