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Senate approves bipartisan $1T infrastructure plan in win for Biden

from The Gray Area:

Democrats along with 19 Republicans approved the public-works package in a Tuesday morning vote, teeing it up soon for the House, where it could face a bumpy road to passage.

With 19 Republican Senators, including McConnell, joining the Democrats in support of this infrastructure bill it can realistically be called bi=partisan.

The question for the rest of the Republicans is why their colleagues voted to support a bill with excessive spending, which is not paid for, sets up another $3.5T the Democrat leadership said is the 2nd step, left wing pet projects like climate change & renewable energy to support the electric grid, government selections of energy winners and losers, amnesty for illegal immigrants, social justice in broadband and much more.

This partisan budget proposal will be the vehicle for Democrats to pass liberal priorities such as universal pre-kindergarten, expanded Medicare access, two free years of community college, subsidized child care, legalizing undocumented immigrants and green climate initiatives. "The two-track strategy is proceeding full steam ahead," Schumer said Tuesday.

The bill does not end here. Opportunities remain to make the bipartisan deal and reconciliation bills that follow more difficult for moderates to support in the House, and further divide the Democratic caucus. The bipartisan bill may return to the Senate for a second vote as well.

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