Ohio’s train derailment chemical disaster

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from CFACT,

On February 3rd, a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous industrial chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio causing a severe environmental emergency.

Vinyl Chloride and butyl acrylate were among the chemicals on board. Large quantities were released and burned to prevent an explosion authorities feared could be even worse. The toxic plumes of smoke and the chemicals released into the water have caused one of the worst eco-disasters in U.S. history.

Families were evacuated and others told to drink bottled water. Fish are dying.

The response by some authorities was muted and delayed, particularly in the case of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who remained silent on the train disaster for a prolonged period. Media coverage has been subdued as well.

Buttigieg “focused on racial disparities in construction during a Monday conference” and ignored the Ohio emergency. It appears we have a Transportation Secretary who thinks the job is about politics, rather than safe and efficient transportation.

Michael Regan, Biden’s EPA administrator, hasn’t even showed up to look at the site. As CFACT’s good friend Steve Milloy noted on Fox’s Jessie Watters program last night “What’s he doing? He’s hocking electric buses, electric cars and environmental justice. This is an environmental catastrophe, it’s his job…but he’s too much of an empty suit to care.”
Check out Milloy’s interview here.

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