Durham Investigation
AG William Barr asked Special Prosecutor John Durham to investigation the FBI and Russia investigation of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign. This includes spying on the campaign, unmasking of Americans during surveillance and FBI actions.

"It's not everyday..." Who is the 'straight shooter'?

from The Gray Area:
As stated in this headline from the Wall Street Journal, In Durham Investigation vs. the Press, Who’s the Straight Shooter?.

"It's not everyday ... suggests that his political opponents should be executed. ..., based on sketchy, anonymously sourced reports, he and his allies have sought to somehow make the claim come true." This was The Washington Post commenting on the latest Durham Investigation filing stating that people affiliated with Donald Trump's Democratic opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, worked to exploit nonpublic internet traffic data they had access to, including from the White House, to establish a narrative tying Mr. Trump to Russia. They wanted everyone to know that such investigators & their clients don't bring such 'sketchy' accusations 'everyday'. Oh, but it was 'everyday' between 2016 and 2020, that The Washington Post, other left wing media and their allies, would report on any statement, or unbelievably anonymous claim that Donald Trump was a traitor, a tyrant and guilty of collusion with Russian President Putin. But, instead of using a statement like the above to describe these 'sketchy, anonymously sourced' accusations at the time, they would use phrases like 'bombshell', 'game changer', 'ender', 'must be impeached', or Watergate 2.0. Now they have quietly decided to retract several of their stories on the Steele Dossier because they could 'no longer could stand by its own reporting'. Read The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and RealClearInvestigations articles below. Who is the 'straight shooter' will be evident. More From Real Clear Investigations:

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