Durham Investigation
AG William Barr asked Special Prosecutor John Durham to investigation the FBI and Russia investigation of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign. This includes spying on the campaign, unmasking of Americans during surveillance and FBI actions.

Durham's report and Judiciary Committee testimony shed light on public deception in 2016

from The Gray Area:

Special counsel John Durham's investigation and report frustrated many people. It did not provide and accountability but it did give a broad picture of wrongdoing within our institutions and Democrat campaigns. Durham’s written report on his findings clearly shows that the so-called Steele and Alfa dossiers were products of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.But even for that, there is no apparent accountability to be had. To help understand the reports findings and lack of accountability, the special counsel testified before the House Judiciary Committee today. Failures of the FBI and Justice Department in investigating whether Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the White House in 2016 would be the primary focus. The propaganda media and the Marxist Democrats attacked Durham and the report. They said the Durham lied, report identified nothing and was a politically motivated project. Here are 6 takeaways From Special Counsel John Durham’s House testimony: 1. ‘Two of the Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Heard’ 2. ‘Reputation Will Be Damaged’ 3. ‘Clinton Campaign Funded the Work’ 4. ‘Collusion and Conspiracy’ 5. ‘Unique in Your Experience’ 6. ‘White Supremacist in Chief’ The Durham report and his testimony shed much light on how the public deception in 2016 was carried out and the strong possibility of 'political weaponization'. More information is needed, as is appropriate corrective action for what was uncovered. In addition, below are 13 lines of questioning the Judiciary Committee members should have had with Durham.

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