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Insurrection, version 2.....

from The Gray Area:
A week ago I wrote about A pattern of ‘insurrection’, revolution & hate that should not be tolerated. Gov Abbott is correct.  In the last week, the riot has only become more recognizable as an 'insurrection' under the media's new 21st Century definition, under any definition. The media portray[s] [these protests] as a spontaneous uprising of student indignation against the Gaza war. But, we’re learning that behind the young idealists is an organized movement of leftists who want to spread disorder and whose candid strategy is to defy school administrators and police to achieve their radical goals. The left wing Columbia newspaper said they were ‘Irrevocably Shaken’: and Demand Cancellation of Exams, Citing Trauma Caused by Police Presence on Campus . I'm sorry, this situation is serious, but you have to giggle that the 'children' who arrogantly support these false progressive narratives are now frightened, "irrevocably". These American colleges protests have spread around the world, with signs and chants targeting Israel & the USA. Should we be paying serious attention? When someone or groups of someones trespasses, creates a disturbance, forces classes to be canceled, comes armed with weapons, threaten harm to fellow students, even murder, Jewish students are told to stay home, occupies territory and buildings, destroys property, attacks people, physically resisting arrest and wearing face coverings so they can get away with it, does that sound like a peaceful protest?  A group of college kids who came to use they're right of free speech and redress agaisnt the government, right? Will this riotous trespass, destruction of property, illegal entry, disturbing the peace, attacking police, etc., keep any of these revolutionaries in jail, as with those who did the same things on Jan 6th?  Of course, not.  When arrested, they will be out tomorrow claiming victory. How about if you add 'outside agitators'? How about if those 'outside agitators' have been trained & are paid to be there and agitate? Does that make them 'insurrectionists?  If they carry revolution signs, does that make this an 'insurrection', or coup? As reported in The Wall Street Journal, the political tactics underlying some of the demonstrations were the result of months of training, planning and encouragement by longtime activists and left-wing groups. At Columbia University, in the weeks and months before police took down encampments at the New York City campus and removed demonstrators occupying an academic building, student organizers began consulting with groups such as the National Students for Justice in Palestine, veterans of campus protests and former Black Panthers. They researched past protests over Columbia’s expansion into Harlem, went to a community meeting on gentrification and development and studied parallels with the fight over land between Palestinians and Israelis. They attended a “teach-in” put on by several former Black Panthers, who told them about the importance of handling internal disputes within their movement. “We took notes from our elders, engaged in dialogue with them and analyzed how the university responded to previous protests,” said Sueda Polat, a graduate student and organizer in the pro-Palestinian encampment. A website reveals the planning and strategy behind the current college mayhem. A window on this movement is, a website that has become a hub for anarchists, Antifa activists and radical leftists. In recent weeks it has published anonymous reports from around the country drawing lessons from various campus protests. They reveal the method behind the mayhem—and a plan to use violence and break the law. It’s clear that in order for this crisis to develop further, student occupations should take buildings whenever possible,” says an analysis of events at Cal Poly Humboldt. “We can wield the most power by occupying the spaces where classes are held and administrators have offices.” A post-mortem on protests at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign notes that “encampment is escalation. Putting tents up on campus is against almost every campus policy. Refusing to take them down means refusing to listen to a ‘lawful command.’” “The basic premise of the encampment is already an escalation that the cops will meet with force,” the memo adds, so “organizers should not concern themselves with de-escalation or ‘remaining peaceful.’” In other words, breaking school policy and law isn’t an accident; it’s the point of the exercise. So, we know they are there. We now know they are trained and paid to be there. But for some reason, we don't think they were there on Jan 6th. Okay. I'm sure there will be more to come on that one. But, back to this revolution on college campuses. BLM: Progressive elite politicians: College rioters/agitators: Still, The New York Times reports Outsiders Were Among Columbia Protesters, but They Dispute Instigating Clashes . You have to laugh out loud when you see this headline. They continue to support all leftist causes, even against every fact presented. This goes beyond gaslighting, this is just blatant lies. Not only were the agitators there, they were even coming prepared with 'medic' stations, apparently preparing for confrontation and injury. Do peaceful protesters need to come with a 'medic' tent? These group of students and their progressive supporters claim they have free speech rights. The same free speech that they do not allow any conservative speaker who wishes to come speak on campus, or are invited. They physically deny such free speech rights and the universities, city officials, nor the police do anything to stand for those free speech rights. See a pattern yet?       Suspend every student. Depending on what they were involved in, they should not be allowed to reapply to that institution. You forfeited your privilege (college is not your right). Put every agitator in jail, without bail! Where are the parents of these students who are presumably paying the bills? They should bring their kids home for a discussion. Then have them take time off from school for a year and get a job. Those riotous children will learn a valuable life lesson in truth and reality. And, if the parents aren't paying, but the student got a loan, have their name removed from Biden's college loan forgiveness program! 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