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Why Robert F. Smith’s pledge to pay off Morehouse loans is a turning point for colleges and the billionaires that support them

from MarketWatch,

Donors, including Oprah, tend to support access through scholarships, but Smith is saying, ‘I’m giving you access to your lives,’ according to one fundraising expert.

The billionaire who’s paying off the student loans for this year’s Morehouse College graduating class has raised the donation bar so high that he’s making Oprah Winfrey look almost stingy.

And as a result, giving queen Winfrey has been called out on Instagram for not doing the same when she gave the commencement address at Colorado College over the weekend. One follower wrote on her Instagram page that Winfrey “should have paid off their student debt.”

The media mogul’s account responded that she has paid $13 million in scholarships and helped put more than 400 men through school at the all-male Morehouse since establishing the Oprah Winfrey Endowed Scholarship Fund at the school in 1989. What’s more, she gave $500,000 to a Newark, N.J., high school on Tuesday to support its after-school program.

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