In 2019 the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) established its Global Association for Responsible Media (GARM). The WEF established GARM as its swiss army knife for woke-ifying plant earth, and shaping the future of advertising. A cross industry alliance that brings together these mega corporations and advertisers together. GARM then created the Brand Safety Floor + Suitability Framework. The Brand Safety Floor established which content is not appropriate for advertising Support. If you violate these guidelines you will be blacklisted from 90% of advertising revenue in the marketplace. The Suitability Framework has developed broad descriptions like 'hate speech and acts of aggression', or 'dehumanises a debated social group or concept' is off-limits. This framework is deliberately vague. Newsgard provides the enforcement vehicle for these suitability guidelines by establishing ratings for news organizations from 0-100, based on 9 'apolitical' criteria. These criteria are completely political and only align with left wing views. This is seen in the comparison of ratings given to left leaning vs right leaning news organizations. Therefore, news that you read must adher to GARM, WFA, WEF and their biased standards. These organizations actively work with social media companies resulting in de-monitizing organizations by removing their access to 90% of advertising revenue. They want you to see, only, what they want you to see.
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