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Democrats accuse everyone who is not Democrat of being 'far-right'

from The Gray Area:
9/26/22; updated 9/30/22:
As we know, everything is now a political narrative.  Labeling your opposition 'extreme' is a political strategy which is in support of a political narrative. The larger political narrative is to paint Democrat opposition as Nazi, authoritarian, and a threat to global democracy. Using no facts at all other than the power of media repetition, they are creating this idea out of thin air. Kind of like getting 45% of Americans to believe that Trump colluded with Russia in 2016. If Democrats can get the public to believe that Republicans and everyone not supporting the progressive Democrat agenda is far right, then they can paint themselves again as the real center in America, despite facts to the contrary.  Republicans do this too, but they use 'extreme' against the extremists in the Democrat party, people like Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, the squad, and others. They do not use extreme against Sen. Manchin and Sen. Sinema just because they are Democrats.   A couple of quick examples: -The January 6th Congressional hearings are the most visible image of this strategy and narrative. -The raid on Trumps Mar-A-Lago home by the FBI & Justice department is designed to add some sort of credibility to the concerns about Trump's tyrannical objectives. -Labeling Republican Governors Abbott & DeSantis as far-right for their successful states and their desperate attempts to protect their citizens from the open border policies of the Democrats.

-Biden Warns that Democracy Is Threatened by Italy’s Election of Giorgia Meloni This is not a strategy exclusive the the US.  Even leaders of other countries who are trying to move away from radical progressive policies are labeled far-right. Think Brazil, Poland, Hungary and now Italy. These leaders did nothing other than win elections based on their opposition to the disastrous policies in their own countries. But, that message cannot stand. It must be labeled 'extreme',  'far-right' and compared to Trump Republicans in the US. This week Giorgia Meloni won the PM election in Italy. She campaigned on the following issues: - Confront Italy's economic problems of high debt and weak long term economic growth - Confront Europe's energy crisis - Respect between rival parties - Managed migration - she actually distanced herself from far-right factions in the country's history. Do these sound extreme to you? Of course not. They are sensible and more accurately described as center-right. But, the left cannot have that message get any traction, so they demonize her as 'far-right'.. For decades now, the Democrat left has tried, somewhat successfully, to move the left - right political curve to make people think that Democrats now occupy the center and the left and that Republicans only occupy the 'far-right of that curve. False, of course, but with media help and constant repetition of the 'far-right' narrative, for everyone not a Democrat, it can have the desired result. More From The Wall Street Journal:

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