COVID Variant - Omicron B.1.1.529
it is still too early to know whether the new variant, dubbed omicron, is more transmissible than the delta variant. There remains little understanding about the severity of illness caused by the variant and the rate of hospitalization. Scientists in South Africa, where the variant was first identified, said they expect more breakthrough cases in people vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Even Among the Vaccinated, Covid-19 Prompted a Surge of Sick Days

from The Wall Street Journal,

The number of workers taking time off because they were sick with Covid-19—or caring for someone else who was—surged at the beginning of the year, topping another leading cause for missing work: caring for children who were out of school because of the pandemic. A major difference between January 2021’s surge and the one last month is that many of the workers are now vaccinated.

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